8 Tips for New Businesses Getting Into Mobile Marketing

by Victor Green
3 mins read

You’re an entrepreneur and you’ve finally got your startup business off the ground. You poured your savings into it, took out loan after loan, and even borrowed some cash from friends and family who believed in you. Your idea is great, but you’ve run into a wall – how do you get the word out about this product or service you have to offer?If this sounds familiar, then that’s no surprise. Thousands of entrepreneurs find themselves in this exact same position, and you might just be one of them.You’ve got a lot of marketing options available to you if you’re a new business owner looking to get their first taste of true ad exposure. From email marketing to social media strategies, you’ve got a lot of potential to get the word out and be completely successful. One venue you shouldn’t be neglecting is mobile marketing – and we’ve got 8 great tips for how to do just that.

1. Understand Mobile Marketing

This one is simple. Mobile marketing is something that can link all of your other marketing strategies together. Instead of being a specific platform, mobile marketing covers a more general idea. How you target consumers through mobile channels can be tied to social marketing, email marketing and other ad vehicles. According to Franco Beschizza, mobile marketing specialist, business owners need to “think of mobile as an enabler, fully integrated and supporting the other digital channels to purchase.”

2. Examine Your Preparedness

Just like all forms of marketing, mobile marketing requires an investment. Also like other forms of marketing, it’s necessary to prepare yourself before putting yourself out there. If you don’t have a mobile site, brand and engagement strategy ready, what’s the point in advertising your mobile marketing capabilities? Make sure you’re totally ready before pulling the trigger on any strategies.

3. Go Mobile Friendly

We alluded to it in the above tip, but it’s absolutely a requirement to have a mobile website in this day and age. With more people using their smartphones than ever – and also with smartphone Internet browsing surpassing those who browse the web on desktops – it’s obvious why a mobile site is necessary. If a customer visits your website on their phone and sees a broken, incompatible layout, they wont stay long.

4. Think About Your On-The-Go Customer

According to Iacquire, mobile devices have a conversion rate almost three times higher than desktop and laptop devices. Because your consumer is on the go, you have to focus on marketing strategies with urgency. If a person is walking and browsing the Internet, they don’t want to have to pull too much focus and work hard to understand your promotion. Make things simple and fast – just how they like it.

5. SMS Marketing Is Fine – But Be Cautious

Text message marketing is a great tool if you’re a business who wants to offer promos to their customers in a very easy and direct way. At the same time, however, these kinds of marketing strategies can be hit or miss. If you don’t text enough, you won’t get leads. Too many texts? Subscribers will unsubscribe. You also have to think about local and international laws for opting-in to text message subscriptions.

6. Focus On The Holidays

Before Christmas and Black Friday, millions of consumers toy with the idea of buying new iPhones and Galaxies for their family. This is the perfect time to focus on your mobile marketing strategies, according to Amobee’s chief operating officer Mark Strecker when speaking with CIO. “Such offers can include a free app download, or holiday deals for your smartphone.

7. Do Some Shameless Promotion

New businesses have a certain shiny sense of appeal. Ever seen a line of customers trailing down the block to attend a store grand opening? Think about this in a virtual sense. Customers love to be the first to experience something – and you’re a perfect example of an experience they could be interested in. When using mobile marketing, focus on the fact that you’ve got a business that is new. Offer grand opening promotions and limited-quantity offers for urgency-related sales.

8. Always Bet On Analytics

Just like every other strategy you put in place, always pay attention to the hard numbers for your mobile marketing. Print this phrase out and tape it to your office door: “Strategies that go untested will fail every time.” If you don’t know why you’re successful, you’ll have a harder time duplicating this success. If you don’t know why you’re unsuccessful, you’ll never fix the problem.

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