Can SMS Marketing Pump up Real Estate Sales?

by Victor Green
3 mins read

Even with Canada’s housing market showing some serious signs of continued growth, making your way through the real estate industry isn’t exactly a walk in the park. With so many other agents and firms vying for the same limited number of potential new homeowners, doing everything you can to get the upper hand and get your message out to the masses is always a top priority. With this in mind, let’s look at how exactly a smart SMS marketing campaign can breathe new life into your real estate sales efforts.

It’s Never a Bad Thing to Build an Inexpensive, Reusable Database

The focus of any marketing initiative is to find a cost effective, powerful way of making connections with customers – all on a budget that can be pretty tight at times. While other forms of marketing definitely have their perks, few options are as cost effective as connecting via SMS. Aside from taking it easy on a budget, having these numbers in your contact list gives you the chance to incorporate a reusable database of potentially interested buyers into each new home sale, adding lasting value to an approach that already rewards you getting ahead of the curve in the first place.

It’s Hard to Ignore a Text Message

Think back to all the times you called a prospective buyer to talk with them about a new house and they didn’t even bother to pick up. While some agents might just tell you that it’s part of the business and not to take it personally, the reality is that people can’t help but open their messages, giving you that much needed first contact to get your message out and intrigue your audience. In fact, those who receive these messages open it 98 percent of time, proving that at the very least, you can count on your message popping up on the screen and in front of their eyes at least once; which is more than you can say about some of your other marketing options.

SMS Campaigns Fit the Real Estate Cycle Perfectly

At times, closing the deal on house feels like a whirlwind affair. In just a few days, you’re sitting across from the happy new homeowners, signing the papers and looking forward to when your commission check clears the bank. However, plenty of other sales take weeks and weeks to finally wrap up. You probably already know that the key to closing deals with shoppers on the fence is consistent, reliable communication – falling out of contact for even a few days could shut the door permanently on this sale, sending you back to the drawing board for the house in question.By working in SMS marketing to your approach, you not only have a better chance at making initial contact with your list of interested buyers, but you can also create a steady stream of communications over the following days and weeks. This is primarily due to the fact that mobile users check their phones 150 times a day and rarely spend time away from these devices. As you continue to hammer out the particulars with your potential buyer, having a reliable and consistent channel of communication ensures you never fall off the radar once they open up that first promotional message.

Regardless of Your Business, SMS Marketing is Just Plain Powerful

Perhaps the biggest way SMS marketing can pump up your real estate sales is the same reason that this type of marketing is good for pretty much any business; it is one of the most effective strategies out there. With most campaigns holding opt-out rates that stay below 5 percent, as well as the fact that 70 percent of people like to receive promotional information via text, it is hard to look the other way when the time comes to talk about reaching out via SMS. Of course, building your list does require some legwork, but once you get the ball rolling, there’s no denying the power of going mobile with your marketing.

Beefing up Your Strategy with Smart Tactics

For agencies that already have a similar email campaign underway, getting new numbers for your contact list, and gaining momentum the next time you put a house up on the market, becomes significantly easier. However, simply knowing the how strong this process is, doesn’t mean it automatically sets itself up.  Doing simple things like adding a sign-up sheet at your next open house will have you well on your way to turning these messages into happy customers and a happier bottom line.In fact, one of the best ways to go the extra mile with your audience is to have a mobile site that showcases all of your listings, while also making it accessible via a simple text code. This system will obviously generate you some pretty hot leads with customers who are clearly interested in your current properties, in addition to the fact that keeping track of their numbers and the keyword used to pull up your text description and mobile site, lets you know what really resonates with customers. With this info in hand, you have all the tools you need to constantly optimize your automated messages. Of course, you’ll still need to ask for permission before firing off additional texts, but considering the interest you’re generating with this tactic, chances are you’ll fair pretty well in this part of the process.

The Final Verdict

At this point, it’s pretty easy to see that SMS messages are a great addition to the marketing strategy you already have in place to help turn vacant houses into new homes for people in your area. For any realtor that’s really looking to make a mark on his or her audience, the choice is simple. With the right tools on your side, as well as the right approach, there’s nothing stopping your agency from growing an eager base of customers who can’t wait to hear from you the next time a beautiful home hits the market.

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