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So You Want To Email Market To Millennials?

Group of young people on laptops

Millennials are a misunderstood yet seriously sought-after demographic in the marketing world. Every digital marketer longs to attract millennials since they’re the largest living generation with such tech-driven nature. Still, there’s something entirely different about Gen Y that makes appealing to them a notoriously difficult task. “Millennials are eschewing the …

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The Importance of Standing out from the Crowd as an Email Marketer

As it is with every business, the most successful figures are those who distinguish themselves from the vast masses of their competitors. Pioneers in all fields emphasize consistent perseverance along with an open-minded attitude towards experimentation. While it is certainly useful to observe one’s field from an outside perspective and …

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Promoting Your Culture in Your Emails

In 2016, marketing is all about engagement. If you can connect to your target audience, they’ll be more likely to subscribe to your emails and social media feeds, share your content and purchase your products. The tricky question is always how to get customers motivated, connected and engaged with your …

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How to Engage Users to use Social Media Through Email Marketing

Making a name for your brand requires multi-channel marketing strategies. Using your tried-and-true email marketing campaigns, you can convince your subscribers to engage on social media. There are a number of benefits to getting your potential customers to connect with you on more than just email. What are the benefits? …

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4 Ways to Boost Engagement in your Email Marketing Campaign

Engagement really is the key to a successful email marketing campaign. Without it, you’ve truly lost customers. What is Engagement? Engagement is the process by which you’ve got your customer’s attention, where you’ve encouraged them to interact, share and experience your product or service. Rather than try to sell a …

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Boost Your Engagement with These 5 Tips

Email marketing is one of the oldest strategies in the book, and it’s still one of the channels with the biggest potential for returns. With that said, the growth of other marketing techniques – especially those that are based on platforms that are inherently social in nature – have lowered …

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5 Personalization Tips to Keep Your Readers Interested

In today’s digital marketing landscape, email marketing still reigns supreme. This is impressive in a market where the marketing strategies are numerous and ever-evolving. Perhaps the best thing about email marketing is how predictable and cost-effective it is. You can count on email marketing to deliver a comprehensive marketing campaign …

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The Importance of Segmenting Subscribers

It’s been said before and it will undoubtedly be said again: email marketing is especially fantastic thanks to it’s customization options. This holds true from both the marketer and the reader perspective. As a marketer, for example, you can create a dynamic email marketing campaign scaled perfectly to suit your …

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3 Tips to Improving Your Email Greeting Game

Two women shaking hands

Have you ever signed up for a newsletter or online service and received a really well-written welcome email? Welcome emails have the ability to enhance a reader’s experience and encourage them to look more favorably upon your company. Personally, receiving a thoughtful, personalized welcome email makes me feel like the …

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7 Huge Mistakes You Might Be Making on LinkedIn

LinkedIn on iPad

B2B and consumer-based businesses alike have found massive benefits while using LinkedIn. The social network for business people is growing exponentially in recent years, and that’s something worth looking into. Despite your possible activity on the social business site, there is some room for error no matter how successful you’ve …

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