Build Your Brand with These Mobile Marketing Strategies

by Victor Green
3 mins read

More and more individuals depend on their smartphones as their go-to resource in today’s market, rather than their desktop. Therefore, it makes sense for brands to place some of their marketing efforts and budget on mobile audiences. According to Gabriel Shaoolian in an article with Forbes, “Ultimately, the ability to capture the interest of potential customers on mobile and then turn them into valuable repeat customers is critical to building a successful brand.” When you build your brand with these mobile marketing strategies, you’ll find you’re able to connect with more users online.

Optimize for Mobile: Responsive Web Design

When your e-commerce website is already incorporating optimization for mobile, you’re one step ahead because you’re incorporating responsive web design. This means that mobile users can check out your products and services either from their desktop or their mobile device. Therefore, you can then utilize mobile-friendly email marketing campaigns and further extend your reach. Be sure your site has optimization for as many devices as possible, so you’re reaching as many targets as possible

Develop Mobile Advertising Strategies

Display advertisements are one of the most powerful ways to reach customers and build brand awareness. Many opportunities exist for mobile specific display advertising and make it worth your time and effort. By far, the most popular is Google because it offers the ability to optimize for mobile through the use of clear imagery, clear copy, and easy to click buttons. These advertisements allow for geotargeting general locations, zip codes, and other demographic information for your targeting purposes. Sites like Google allow you to manage your budget seamlessly, thus enabling you to allocate your funds better.

Social Media Marketing

Mobile marketing takes on a whole new level of importance when it comes to social media marketing. The majority of social media users are using mobile devices and, with platforms like Twitter and Instagram, each packed with mobile-only capabilities, social media marketing is critical if you’re an e-commerce brand seeking a mobile audience.When looking specifically at Instagram, for example, sponsored advertising is an excellent option because it feeds in with the user’s regular timeline. The featured advertisements are based on their interests, what they click on the most, and other criteria. Therefore, their feed doesn’t appear as spam, and it offers advertisers and opportunity to reach and engage with more potential users.

Email Marketing: Keep it Mobile-Friendly

Your website and social media are both exciting opportunities to compel newsletter sign-ups through the use of exclusive deals, discounts, or incentives. As soon as you capture email addresses, begin developing a creative email marketing campaign to drive website traffic and generate revenue. First, you must optimize your emails for mobile devices. Remember, your targets are going to be checking their email from their smartphone or tablets and not from desktops. If they can’t read what they’re opening, it’ll wind up in their trash. These efforts will wind up being a waste of your time and budget.

Develop Scannable Content

Another point to keep in mind is your readers are scanning content quickly. Therefore, your content must be tailored for micro-moments. These pieces of information are for users to dive into immediately, get the most information to fulfill their needs or goals, and walk away from feeling they’ve found the most relevance. Most often referred to as “snackable” content, these quick tips provide users with answers to questions, “I want to buy” action pieces, or information directly speaking to their unique needs.Mobile marketing is going to be with us for the interim, so it’s critical you learn to build your brand with these mobile strategies. Once you do, you’ll see an incredible difference in your ROI.

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