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The Enigma of Email Marketing

In a recent article in Forbes magazine, Steve Olenski came to the conclusion that email marketing is an enigma: something that is “mysterious, puzzling or difficult to understand”. Coming from a guy who writes almost exclusively about content marketing for the major publications, this in itself is an enigma. Steve …

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Developing your mobile marketing plan

It is easy to see why mobile marketing is so important in 2016, with the majority of consumers over the age of 18 (and many below that age) having their own mobile device, which they use pretty much relentlessly. In the U.S., 68% of adults have a smartphone and another …

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Build Your Brand with These Mobile Marketing Strategies

More and more individuals depend on their smartphones as their go-to resource in today’s market, rather than their desktop. Therefore, it makes sense for brands to place some of their marketing efforts and budget on mobile audiences. According to Gabriel Shaoolian in an article with Forbes, “Ultimately, the ability to …

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