Writing Emails so People Want to Buy Now

by Victor Green
3 mins read

Creating the email marketing plans you send is as simple as providing an opportunity for your subscribers they can’t pass up. These sales messages are an exciting opportunity to bring your campaign to life, make your products or services shine, and compel your audience to take action. Develop emails so people want to buy – NOW! – with email marketing strategies that demand action. Let’s take a look.

The Offer Ends Soon!

When your audience believes they’re going to miss out on a fantastic deal because it’s a limited time offer, they’ll feel the motivation to act faster. For example, if you provide your audience with a longer lead time, your offer could remain in the subscriber’s inbox and get forgotten about or potentially expire. However, when you’re writing your emails, it’s important to include information about having limited stock or a certain amount of time to utilize a service. That way, they’re driven to take action. Additional information you can provide that helps your audience feel motivated is how much stock you have, as well as how many units sold, or how many individuals took advantage of a service when this opportunity was last offered.

Early-Bird Specials

There’s a huge benefit to providing a target list of subscribers with an opportunity to partake in early-bird specials. These specials not only drive immediate demand for your products or services, but they also spur word-of-mouth promotions about what you’re doing. According to John W. Hayes, “The opportunity of a pre-sale almost suggests that an item will immediately sell out when it is made available to your wider community – so they better act fast.” When others hear about having an opportunity to participate in your early-bird special, or any other presale you’re offering in the future, you’ll see incredible prospects for list growth.

Bring On the Incentives!

Who doesn’t love receiving an incentive when making a purchase? When writing your emails to make people buy, add a limited time offer deadline as well as a free gift if your subscribers take advantage of your promotion by that date. You can choose to offer your audience a tangible gift, like a complimentary accessory or product when they make their initial purchase, or something intangible like a free discount on future purchases, free insurance, free training, or a free ebook. If you’re offering something like a free ebook, this is another great opportunity to broaden your subscriber base because you can use the cover as part of your email marketing campaign’s promotional items.

Bring it All Together

It’s important to experiment with many tactics when writing emails so people buy—that way you know what works best for your particular audience. You may be offering a product or service for a niche audience whereby creative strategies must be utilized like targeting specific members of a household or a particular age group. Remember, one email marketing campaign won’t work for every kind of subscriber. Some subscribers love incentives and others love early bird specials, so you may have to tailor your email marketing campaign until you know you’re reaching everyone in your audience effectively. This could mean sending out an offer that includes more than one offer—an early bird special with an incentive, or like mentioned above, the incentive for a limited time offer.Remember that writing emails so people buy – NOW! – is a fun and engaging way to reach your audience periodically with marketing materials you’re excited about. The more excited you’re about these offers, this excitement will flow through the writing in your messages naturally and help your subscribers feel compelled to take action!

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