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Mixing Right and Left Brain Thinking in Email Marketing

There has been a definite transformation in marketing and in email marketing in particular. Advertising agencies were often filled with “creative big-wigs” who created engaging copy and images that were big, bold and didn’t always work. The transformation has now led to companies still hiring the most creative people, but …

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Digging in to Notablist’s Latest Search Engine Updates

Back in September of 2015, Notablist made major waves within the digital community by becoming the first email marketing-centric search engine. If you missed our breakdown of this big announcement and its initial ramifications and responses, feel free to take some time and look over the details on Notablist’s launch …

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Are Brands Sending Too Many Marketed Messages to Teenagers?

It’s no big secret that the more youthful segments within your target audience are a vital piece to your brand’s overarching plan for sustainability. In fact, there’s a very strong case to be made that positions these consumers as the future of your business operations. Unfortunately, realizing the importance of …

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Learning to Optimize Your Email Marketing Customer Journey

In the world of digital outreach and marketing, the customer journey is the “road map” by which a brand understands and catalogs a consumer’s path to a conversion. From social media interaction and landing pages, to ad campaigns and in-app promotions, every starting point on the map seeks to culminate …

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Looking Your Best for Users on Outlook

When you think about the most influential email platforms among your target audience, Gmail, Yahoo, and the various iOS (iPad, iPhone) apps probably all come to mind fairly quickly. However, with 400 million active users between Outlook.com and the Outlook app, there’s a strong chance that a healthy portion of …

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Do You Know Why Email Is the Most Used Channel for Data Collection?

When it comes to collecting audience data, mobile apps, social media, and your branded website are all clearly heavy hitting channels worthy of consideration. However, none of these platforms can stand toe-to-toe with email marketing in terms of the ability to harvest information about a target audience. In total, Jess …

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How to Start Thinking Like an Email Marketing Expert

A common refrain found on plenty of email marketing blogs from around the web implores you and the rest of the reading audience to “think like an email marketing expert.” On the surface, this sounds like a great idea and one that’s sure to enhance your reach and impact in …

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Will Wearables Change the 2016 Email Marketing Landscape?

Runner using smart watch

Even if you don’t consider yourself a tech-savvy member of the digital community, chances are you’ve noticed someone walking through your office, grocery store, or other public place with an Apple Watch, Pebble or other “wearable” piece of tech. From this perspective, it makes sense for these wearables to seem …

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Are Your Emails Causing Too Much Stress?

If you’re like most members of the current email marketing world, the idea of negatively impacting the psychological health of the person on the other side of the screen is something you’ve never even considered. After all, every email or newsletter you send out is simply trying to enrich and …

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