SMS Strategies and Lessons from the Hip-Hop Industry

by Victor Green
3 mins read

The world of hip-hop is a polarizing industry, to put things mildly. While some love the genre and its varying styles and flavors, there’s plenty on the other side of the fence that have some not so kind things to say about this type of music as well. However, when it comes to SMS marketing, picking sides on this discussion matters little in the grand scheme of things. What’s more important is the potential lessons and strategies this segment of the music world holds for those willing to spend some time uncovering the clues. To find out if any of this insight fits in with your upcoming marketing plans, let’s delve into the finer points of some of the more engaging and innovative information employed by major names within the business.

Getting Creative Counts

To start off the discussion, there’s no better place to turn than Max Porter, of music industry news source Hypebot, and his look into the use of text message marketing by Keith Cozart. As one of the up and coming young artists in the urban Chicago area, Cozart employs a unique brand of SMS outreach that blends YouTube with the always available access to the text inbox found within his youthful audience.While dealing with the constraints of house arrest during his rise to fame in 2012, Cozart commissioned a series of viral videos on YouTube that showcased his rap skills with friends and fellow artists. Aside from the good tunes, this burgeoning star also promoted his SMS contact list via the videos. As these offerings spread across the web, fans tuned in and signed up in order to receive alerts and notifications regarding concert dates, album releases, guest appearances, and much more.Even if you’re aiming to promote more conventional products and services than those offered by Cozart, the message here is pretty clear. Combining other popular platforms, like YouTube or even email marketing, with savvy SMS practices is a quick and easy way to boost your contact list numbers.

There’s Power in Social Media

Porter goes on to note that letting social media followings go by the wayside, whether you’re in the hip-hop industry or working in another market, is a major marketing faux pas. In his illustration of this concept, Porter points to the nearly over 11 million followers of Kanye West. If even a small fraction of this base would opt-in to a marketing contact list, the return generated by this influx would be worthy of a spot in our case study series immediately.Naturally, not every brand can boast follower numbers that rival a rap icon. However, the point still holds plenty of merit. If you have any sort of tangible presence on Twitter, Facebook, or any other social network, don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Converting these individuals into a stable and engaged contact list is a quick and easy way to tap into a powerful SMS foundation that would otherwise go unused.

Every Demographic Loves Text Messaging

The final message you can take from the unexpected, but undeniable, connection between SMS marketing and the hip-hop industry is that both appeal and cater to demographics of all shapes and sizes. From the more youthful populations to the older generations, with over 5.1 billion people owning a smartphone around the world, as reported by Laura Varley of Digital Marketing Magazine, the odds of your target audience not responding well to SMS marketing is slim to none.In fact, spend some time thinking long and hard about whether or not there’s a plausible scenario in which the individuals most closely related to your brand don’t respond well to access to deals and discounts via SMS messages. Having trouble? That’s because the reality of the situation is that modern culture revolves around smartphones and instant access, making it perfectly logical for the marketing moguls of the hip-hop world and other businesses to hone in on this platform during the planning of outreach with consumers and fans alike.Of course, this doesn’t mean that following in the footsteps of this portion of the music industry is a surefire way to employ a successful mobile marketing program. While these tactics, concepts, and facts can serve as the basis of an SMS plan, don’t be afraid to go back to the drawing board if things don’t quite pan out. Even if it takes a little time, once you find the right way to deploy your deals and offers to the customers that matter most, the results and positive feedback will surely end up being music to your ears.

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