Our Top Picks for Email Marketing Trends This Year

by Victor Green
3 mins read

The email marketing climate has most definitely shifted in the past half-decade – it’s ever-changing, and it can be hard to keep up with all the latest trends, especially in such a digital and innovative day and age. In order to stay informed and educated on email marketing, you must be aware of what is current, trending, and what everyone else is doing. In email marketing, competitive subject lines and attention-grabbing emails are the most important way to get noticed.Business news and blogging site Business2Community recently released a list of 10 email marketing trends to watch for in 2016 – and we want to share with you our favorites.

Video and Audio Emailing is Getting Bigger

In order to be relevant and pertinent in today’s world, you must go digital and do things the unconventional way. This means no longer communicating simply via text over email; this means video and audio emailing, as well as sending voice notes. With an influx of junk mail and irrelevant messages popping up in everyone’s inboxes day in and day out, it is vital that you stick out amongst the crowd and be noticed.Video emailing is perhaps a more ‘meaningful’ method in delivering a message as opposed to traditional methods of email communication. Emailing content through video and audio lets your audience put a voice and name to the business, giving you a more personal option for engaging with your customers.

Modular Templates for More Concise Mailing

Sometimes less is more, and this is certainly true in email marketing. It’s better to be precise and concise in your email content, rather than dressing up something with fluff and filler when it could have been said in fewer words. People are busy and don’t have the time to scroll through text walls in order to find true value. They want the main message as quickly as possible.This also keeps them engaged – consumers in the Internet age have a dwindling attention span, so getting to the point is vital. Design and construct your email thoroughly prior to sending it out, regardless of whether it’s audio, video or simple messaging. Get your point out quickly – you can do this easily with modular email templates that offer streamlined design and text strategies to make your content dynamic and easy to digest.

Mobile is Moving Up

As the Business2Community article states, over 49% of email is now received on mobile devices. Seeing as this is a big statistic, it is important that your sites, emails, messaging, and video communication methods are mobile friendly and can be viewed with ease on a mobile device.You don’t want a client to get frustrated simply because the format of the video or text on the screen wasn’t compatible with their mobile phone. Communicating and marketing over emails is becoming the go-to method, as people have busy lives and don’t have the luxury of sitting at a desktop screen each and every time they receive or send an email. Think about your own life: do you have the time every day to sit at your computer just to go through your inbox?

More Content Support

Email marketing trends are only becoming more efficient and effective day by day. More and more companies and businesses alike are using content marketing through email because it is effective and it works. When companies want to do business with other companies, content creation for email marketing is extremely vital. It could be a deal breaker, otherwise.Business2Community is predicting that Google will start respecting this idea by enhancing their viewing and design standards. They’re also saying the email giant is likely to add more style-support for their web platform and more media query support for mobile users. This will help businesses and their employees to insert content and enhance their email experience across all Gmail vehicles.Will the prediction come true? We’ll have to wait and see, but we certainly hope so.

Personalization Continues to Please

Consumers love when they feel special, which is why tailoring and suiting your email to be more personalized is so important. The more audience-focused your email campaigns are, the more likely you are to succeed with lead generation and response – and HubSpot has some great methods for making it all happen. If not, you risk the chance of it ending up in the trash bin without even a simple glance.Overall, your engagement should be your main focus during 2016. When you find better ways to truly connect with your audience, you find more successful methods for generating leads, making more money and growing a loyal customer base. You just might find 2016 is your most successful marketing year yet.

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