3 Types of Emails That No One Ever Reads

by Victor Green
3 mins read
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Email marketing isn’t new. In fact, it has been around so long that people have claimed it to be alive and dead a countless amount of times. Right now, the consensus is that it is alive and well, but there are a few outdated marketing strategies that should be laid to rest. However, for some unknown reason, we all still receive the types of emails that no one ever reads.They come from marketers who haven’t learned to change with the times. They are the type of people who send out email campaigns that go straight into the spam box and give email marketing a bad name. With a near-zero conversion rate, it is a wonder that anyone still tries out these stone-age tactics.The following is a list of three types of emails that only naïve kids and unsuspecting elders will ever read.

The “I Just Want To Ask You A Quick Question” Email

This is the kind of email that is intended to trick a person into thinking that they have just received an email containing the true ‘secrets to success’. They arrive as if some kind stranger with a wealth of knowledge was desperate to share his ‘simple trick’ with anyone and everyone he/she could find on the Internet. However, when it comes down to it, nearly everyone knows that this is just a cheap form of ‘click-bait’.“The problem is, once the person realizes what’s going on, they will delete the email and never do business with you,” says Kimanzi Constable, contributor to Entrepreneur. “If you’re really sincere about asking a quick question, or offering some quick advance, contact the person on Twitter. That limit of 140 characters will test your motives.”

The “Do You Know What You’re Missing?” Email

This is the kind of email that likes to point out a person’s failure or a missed opportunity for a business. These types of emails can take many different forms but they usually look similar to:

  • “I noticed that you only have 300 twitter followers. You need a minimum of 1500 followers for anyone take your business seriously.”
  • “I noticed that your business does not show up on the first page of any Google search results. We can get you on the first page and bring you much more traffic to your website.”

“These types of emails sound helpful, but are actually very irritating to the person that receives them,” says Constable. “You may have the best pitch in the world, but they’ll never do business with you because this makes the wrong first impression.”

The “I Made Millions With This One Simple Trick” Email

This is the kind of email that attempts to ‘wow’ readers with the sheer quantity of cash that can be made by some sort of product or service. The hope is that as soon as a recipient sees a promise that they could be rolling in cash that they will automatically jump on the opportunity offered in the email.The simple fact is that these emails don’t work because readers just won’t believe that it is possible. Even if it is true, it sounds too good to be.“Remember, people buy from someone they know, like and trust,” says Constable. “If your first email is a claim that they don’t believe, you have lost the chance to establish trust and you won’t get another chance to earn it.”

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