Five Clever Methods for Boosting Your Email Opt-In Rates

by Victor Green
3 mins read

Making the most of your email marketing operations requires a keen eye for content optimization and refinement; no one can deny this fact. However, the truth of the matter is that these tactics don’t actually offer much to your campaign if you don’t have anyone to send your messages to in the first place.With this in mind, let’s spend some time covering five clever – and effective – methods for boosting opt-in rates within your target audience. This way, you can rest easy knowing that you always have a thriving contact list awaiting your next great piece of inbox content.

Offer Content Upgrades

To start off this discussion the right way, Business 2 Community’s Tim Soulo suggests taking a closer look at how “content upgrades” can sway casual viewers of your site toward a contact list opt-in. Essentially, the idea here is to provide these visitors with the base or introductory portions of a valuable piece of content on your branded blog or social media accounts, then require an email opt-in for the rest of this offering.Naturally, the big key here is offering up something truly valuable – an eBook, exclusive case study, etc. – to your audience in return for this “gated content” exchange. If you’re able to pull this tactic off though, Soulo notes that your campaign could see up to a whopping 600 percent increase in email signups.

Capture Email Addresses (and Consent) at the Checkout Screen

Another strong way to convert site visitors into email list followers, according to Matt Callen of EMarketing Journal, comes in the form of capturing these user addresses at the checkout screen during the sales process. Given the fact that these customers already need to enter contact information into the various forms to complete the transaction, it makes plenty of sense to take this opportunity to also add in a request to join your weekly newsletter or other inbox initiative.Of course, trying to “sneak” this little agreement by these shoppers is a quick way to end up in hot water with both your audience and the team behind Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL.) To ensure clarity, transparency, and compliance, always make it a point to acquire express consent from these viewers and explain exactly what joining your contact list entails.

Run an Exclusive “Members Only” Contest

Much like the aforementioned content upgrade approach, Callen also notes that creating a “members only” contest or event can go a long way toward boosting list numbers and generating a healthy buzz of excitement within your audience. Again, the big point to keep in mind here is that your contest has to impart real value if you plan on maximizing the reaction from participating viewers.Whether you offer up free products and services, or you work in conjunction with a related brand or organization to give away a different type of prize, it’s safe to say that bigger is definitely better on this front. Outside of going above and beyond with a truly meaningful contest, offering up a scenario in which all new contact list members win, via coupons and discounts that trigger upon list registration, can also keep interaction with this segment of your digital audience running high.

Fine Tune Your Request Timing

If your brand currently runs pop-out or overlay contact list requests on its site, Econsultancy’s Justin Rondeau explains that figuring out the timing of this request can increase opt-ins significantly. Specifically, Rondeau suggests giving your visitors about 15-seconds on-site before letting this overlay enter the picture. It might not seem like much, but sticking with a shorter timeframe before this contact list request occurs can increase opt-ins by 11 percent and 50 percent when compared to 30-second and 45-second intervals, respectively.

Ask Current Subscribers to Forward Your Content

Finally, one of the most effective – and often overlooked – methods of increasing opt-ins comes in the form of simply asking current inbox viewers to share your content with their friends, family members, and social networks. As the HubSpot Blog’s Lauren Smith points out, emails that include a “share with your network” call-to-action (CTA) are 13 times more likely to lead to a new sign-up from a viewer who would otherwise not have found out about your contact list.After looking over these five clever methods for boosting your email opt-in rates, the message here is clear: There’s plenty of ways to bolster your contact list numbers if you’re willing to put in the time and effort. All that’s left to do now is decide which strategy is best for your brand as it continues to leverage the power held within these valuable inbox connections.

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