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So You Want To Email Market To Millennials?

Group of young people on laptops

Millennials are a misunderstood yet seriously sought-after demographic in the marketing world. Every digital marketer longs to attract millennials since they’re the largest living generation with such tech-driven nature. Still, there’s something entirely different about Gen Y that makes appealing to them a notoriously difficult task. “Millennials are eschewing the …

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5 Reasons Why Emails Bounce (and How to Fix These Problems)

Stressed businessman

Despite your best efforts, bounced emails can — and will — happen from time to time; it’s simply a part of the email marketing process. However, just because email bounces come with the territory sometimes, it doesn’t mean that these unwanted occurrences have to derail your digital marketing campaign. With …

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Is Email Marketing Like Music?

Email marketing is not usually considered a creative form. People think about it as a business strategy, but for people who actually craft emails, they know that there is more to it then simply laying out some information in a template. In fact, the best email marketers are very creative …

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Essential Tips For Email Marketing Success in 2017

There’s really no debate about the effectiveness of emailing or its ability to grab people’s attention, generate more leads and boost sales for a business. Emailing as a productive, results-driven marketing strategy has been proven time and time again, but what has also been proven is that it needs to …

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Why Email Marketing Always Delivers Results

Email marketing is one of the most effective tools in any marketer’s arsenal. It has a proven level of ROI and is extremely effective for audience engagement that inspires action. People are essentially addicted to email with billions of emails sent and received every day. If there was one form …

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Confirming The Right Choice With Email Marketing

Does your business send confirmation emails? If not, you could be missing out on a critical step in nurturing your prospects and retaining your customers. The relationship between a business and its customers is fickle to say the least. If it is not handled with care, it can easily fall …

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