Digging in to Notablist’s Latest Search Engine Updates

by Victor Green
3 mins read

Back in September of 2015, Notablist made major waves within the digital community by becoming the first email marketing-centric search engine. If you missed our breakdown of this big announcement and its initial ramifications and responses, feel free to take some time and look over the details on Notablist’s launch here.However, the story of Notablist’s rise to prominence among those brand and marketers that call the inbox home doesn’t end with the release of this platform to the public. To bring you up to speed with all of the latest updates to this invaluable tool, let’s dig into the recent changes offered up by the team behind Notablist, as well as what these shifts in this search engine’s approach mean for your email marketing operations moving forward.

The Pro Edition Experience

The first change worth discussing, as noted by Marketing Land’s Amy Gesenhues, is the addition of a “pro edition” service account for participating brands. Also known as Notablist Pro, this enhanced take on the free search engine experience offers a new suite of features that bolster the user’s ability to delve into the campaign optimization process.Specifically, Gesenhues points to the addition of an expanded search result/overview dashboard and real-time email alerts that cater to your prior searches and bookmarks as the primary draws of Notablist Pro. However the following features and functionality also enter the picture for this subscription-based take on the Notablist experience:

  • Advanced Search Filters
  • Results Visualizer
  • CSV Exportation Capabilities
  • Email and Phone Support

If you’re looking for multiple access points into your brand’s Notablist account, then it’s worth noting that the launch of this premium edition also heralded the arrival of an agency plan that covers three or more users.

Expanding the Overarching Campaign Database

Outside of fleshing out the various features and functionality of this platform, there’s also the fact that Notablist continues to expand its database of searchable email marketing campaigns. According to Jess Nelson of Media Post’s Email Marketing Daily blog, the total number of listed offerings within this search engine now stands at over 10 million campaigns; a figure that more than doubles the former tally of four million campaigns and further propagates the raw business intelligence available to Notablist users.Going a step farther, this recent update now covers inbox outreach examples from over 500,000 global brands. This means that there’s no shortage of insight into subject line development, content creation, and optimization techniques from organizations that span virtually every industry.

Gauging the Impact of This Update on the World of Email Marketing

Nelson also notes that these updates to the Notablist platform have the potential to revolutionize the modern email marketing process significantly. From uncovering audience trends and preferences far earlier in the email marketing cycle, to identifying new competitors that could potentially challenge your position of dominance in the inbox, there’s a seemingly endless amount of ways to leverage what is essentially the Internet’s only email marketing specific search engine.In fact, Notablist’s founder Michael Johnston explains via Nelson’s coverage that even third-party players have started to utilize this tool in new and unexpected ways. For instance, Johnston points out that a current user of the platform taps into Notablist as a way to monitor compliance among its affiliate marketers and their related offerings to the inbox. It might not seem like that big of a deal initially, but the implications of this development – whether you’re ready to accept them or not – adds further credence to the notion that Notablist’s emerging service is drastically reshaping the world of email marketing from a variety of different angles.

Is Notablist Right for Your Brand?

Once you’ve let all of this information digest for a bit, it’s only natural to take a step back and ask if leveraging this email marketing-centric search engine is really something that has a spot in your brand’s inbox operations moving forward. Unfortunately, there’s no clear cut response to this query that applies to every organization and business out there in the digital world.The truth of the matter is that finding an effective take on data insight and implementation – be it via a platform like Notablist or another such tool – is all about pairing up your unique brand and campaign needs with the right tool or service. However, by staying abreast of the latest breaking stories with this – and other – email marketing data assets, your brand should always be in a spot to make the right choice when it comes to learning more about campaign optimization and audience outreach tactics.

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