How to Make Your Brand an Instagram Sensation

by Victor Green
3 mins read

If there’s one thing that the regular readers of this blog know about Elite Email, it’s that we can’t emphasize enough how important social media is to the email and SMS marketing processes. A quick look at our coverage of Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ should be more than enough to confirm the truth held within this statement.However, the social world is continuing to shift and evolve at a rapid rate, so merely maintaining a strong brand presence on the “Big Three” networks isn’t enough to keep your brand in the limelight anymore. With this in mind, here’s a look at how to tap into the power of Instagram and make your brand a sensation on one of the fastest growing social portals in the digital world.

Claim a Niche with Your Visual Content

The first way to start building your reputation on Instagram, according to Elite Daily’s Dani Watson, is by claiming a niche with your visual content. With over 400 million monthly active users, members of this social network have no shortage of quality content, so it’s beyond vital that your brand finds a way to differentiate itself.Whether this comes from adopting a unique way to present these offerings, or establishing a recurring theme or content motif, is entirely up to your brand. The big key here is that your image feed needs to be eye-catching and capable of standing out on the increasingly crowded Instagram platform.

Generate Some Conversation via Trending Hashtags

Outside of finding your content niche, Watson also suggests that it’s a good idea to get acclimated with the power of hashtags on this rising social network. Specifically, it’s important to understand how trending hashtags can put your branded content on the map and generate a significant amount of viewer feedback and discussion.By spending some time researching the hottest conversations and relevant hashtags on Instagram, you can craft content and offerings that tap into the excitement of theses social movements. From here, your content has a significantly higher chance of “going viral” within previously untouched segments of the Instagram audience and driving new viewers to your branded profile.

Funnel Instagram Viewers into Your Contact Lists

Speaking of new viewers, Cindy King of Social Media Examiner points out that growing a strong following on Instagram also gives your brand a chance to funnel these viewers into your other marketing channels. In this case, we’re talking about your email and SMS marketing campaigns.As you post new content to your Instagram account, try to incorporate calls-to-action (CTAs) regarding your sign-up forms whenever possible. The caption of your Instagram posts, your account bio, and even via visual storytelling within the content itself are all powerful locations to drop in these CTAs and help drum up interest for your various contact lists as you continue to build a lasting relationship between these intertwined channels.

Be Willing to Explore Video Alternatives

King also notes that Instagram itself is evolving to include alternative media – like video content – within its social platform, so your brand needs to be willing to explore these areas as potential growth opportunities. Yes, traditional image offerings should still be the “backbone” of your Instagram presence, but being an early adopter of these new advancements shows that your brand is willing and able to truly maximize its standing on this network.The best part about creating a stop motion video or some other non-traditional content for your branded Instagram feed is that these offerings translate well to the inbox and other related marketing channels. It might not seem like much now, but the ability to “double-dip” with your content and repurpose it for different platforms helps increase efficiency and generate even more value from these selections.

Leverage the Power of Popular Instagram Users

Finally, as your brand continues to grow its sphere of influence on this network, don’t be afraid to reach out and connect with established members of the Instagram community. These thought leaders lay claim to substantial active followings, so building connections on behalf of your organization can pave the way for shared postings and other marketing opportunities that serve to spread your message and bring in new viewers to your official profile.Forging these bonds and enacting the other strategies laid out within this post require a significant amount of work on your end; there’s no way around this fact. However, when paired with the realization that having a strong presence on Instagram is vital to growth and overarching health of your various marketing operations, it’s easy to see that taking on this challenge is well worth the effort.

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