Fitting Vine into Your Future Email Marketing Content

by Victor Green
3 mins read

When it comes to tapping into the powerful bond between social media and email marketing, a few key platforms almost always dominate the conversation; namely Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. However, the truth of the matter is that plenty of other networks also deserve your attention – and translate well to the inbox scene.Even though it lays claim to over 200 million active users, a healthy connection with its parent company Twitter, and easy integration via embedded email content, Vine is arguably the most underutilized of these so-called “secondary” platforms. With this in mind, here’s an in-depth look at how your brand can build winning Vine videos that take this social channel – and the inbox – by storm.

Storyboards Keep You on Point

Considering that Vine videos are only six seconds long, the concept of a content storyboard feels both awkward and unnecessary. Despite this initial reaction, ClickZ’s Rudi Leung points out that having this planning asset on your side can ensure that your message stays on track and generates a real impact once your email and social audiences start looping this content.Generally, you’ll want to keep things to a minimum of four or five frames during your storyboard prepping. Adding in more cuts or transitions can hinder the power of your message and come off as jumpy or confusing. This tips rings especially true if you go beyond simple visuals and add in a script to this offering.

View Your Vine from the Viewer Perspective

Leung goes on to note that brands often stumble – sometimes literally – when it comes to gauging the end user experience for this content. Specifically, we’re talking about the need for a cohesive viewing experience and consistent cinematic qualities for these six second videos.The big problem here is that filming a Vine video isn’t like writing great email content or taking a singular picture to spotlight in a marketed message. High quality Vine content often requires investing in tripods, video editing software, and other assets that promote a smooth and polished viewing experience. If you’re not willing to undertake these actions, don’t be surprised when that winning Vine idea you have for your brand turns out less like a cinematic masterpiece and more like an even shakier knockoff of “The Blair Witch Project.”

Informative Content Is Always a Big Hit

Speaking of Vine ideas, Sherice Jacob of the Kissmetrics Blog suggests that it’s hard to go wrong with informative content on behalf of your brand. Naturally, other content angles and styles can win, but this one truly shines in Jacob’s breakdown of the best branded Vine videos.As far as informative offerings goes, finding clever ways to showcase your product and services can literally bring the message of your email content to life. Product unboxings, “how it’s made” clips, and “how to” videos that show your offerings in action are all powerful examples of the informative approach to leveraging Vine content.In terms of following the lead of an established Vine player, Oreo is a leader in the clubhouse when it comes to highlighting alternative ways to interact with a product – in this case their recurring #SnackHacks conversation – and adding a little bit of fun and intrigue to the experience.

Get Social with Your Vine Strategy

Much like Facebook, Twitter, and the other “big name” networks, having a strong brand presence on the Vine platform allows for even more interaction with your target base of consumers. If your brand is feeling especially adventurous on this front, then shining a spotlight on user submitted Vine videos in your weekly email newsletter can take this customer interaction and relationship to an even deeper and more meaningful level.The key here is that you have to be willing to invest the time and effort needed to maximize your brand’s impact on this front. Just like your presence in the inbox, cultivating a winning stance in the world of Vine isn’t something that happens overnight.

Go Beyond the Inbox

Like most other marketing assets, unlocking all of the potential held within your branded Vine videos requires going beyond the bare minimum and developing even more exposure for this content. In this case, garnering even more attention means not just including these videos in your email marketing campaigns, but also publishing them on Twitter, Facebook, and any other networks that your target audience members traffic regularly.If you’re able to adopt this multi-platform approach, as well as put to good use the rest of what you’ve learned here regarding how to craft winning Vine content, then you’re really only six seconds away from tapping into the power of this network as part of your upcoming email and other marketing endeavors.

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