How To Add a Mailing List Signup Form To Your Facebook Page [Updated]

by Robert Burko
3 mins read

I started my previous post on this topic with this: Have you heard of this thing called Facebook? (Joking!)By now I’ll go ahead and assume you’ve heard of Facebook and maybe even heard the term “social network” mentioned once, twice or a million times!And, if you’re reading this, you probably know that Facebook (and other social networks) go hand-in-hand with email marketing. It’s really a match made in heaven since your emails can drive people to Facebook and Facebook can drive people to join your mailing list. In both cases you get to have more communication with your contacts, customers, and fans, which is the ultimate goal!In order to get the maximum benefit, one of the first things you should do is add a mailing list signup form to your Facebook page.Facebook has made some substantial changes since my previous tutorial, but the process still remains easy and straight forward. This tutorial will walk you through everything step-by-step, but if you still get stumped on anything you can always reach out to our amazing Support Team.Step 1:Create your Facebook Page. Click here to get started if you have not done this already.You will also need an Elite Email account to complete the process. Click here to create a free account.Step 2:Install the Facebook App named “Static HTML” by clicking here.The app is created by a 3rd party named WooBox and is totally free. [Soon Elite Email will have its own Facebook App, but for now this will do the trick!]Step 3:Choose the Facebook page where you want to install your mailing list signup form.If you only have one Facebook page, it will be the only option.Then click “Add Page Tab”.Step 4:Authorize the application.Step 5:Go to the application to begin getting things setup.Step 6:Open a new window in your web browser and login to your Elite Email account.Go to the Contacts tab, select the More menu, and then choose Get More Contacts.At that point you can choose if you want to embed a full signup form or use a signup button that will link to your Subscription Center.Step 7:Customize your signup form to suit your exact needs and then click the “Your Code” to get the code you’ll need to add to Facebook.Step 8:Go back to the browser window that has Facebook open.Paste (CTRL + V) the code you copied from the step above into the big text area.Most people will want to select “Off” for all the various options.You can optionally customize the tab image, which is the icon that appears on your Facebook page.After you are done, click “Save Settings”.Step 9:Customize the name of your tab. It will default to “Welcome”, but you can change it to something like “Join Mailing List” or “Newsletter Signup”.Tip: If you are not on this customize settings screen anymore, you can go to your Facebook page, click on your new tab, and then look for the Settings icon on the top right corner.That’s it! You’re all done!When you go to your Facebook page you will see a new tab that people can click on to signup for your mailing list.As soon as someone signs up they will be immediately added to your account on Elite Email and sent your welcome email (which you can customize).Now all you have to do is send people to your Facebook page and encourage them to join your mailing list!

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