Making a Difference: Elite Email Helps Town in New York After Hurricane Sandy Strikes

by Robert Burko
3 mins read

At Elite Email we love helping people. It’s basically our passion.But, every little while we get to do something that goes above and beyond what we even hoped to achieve.This leads me to an amazing story about the Village of Brookville in New York.[You can read the full press release here.]When Hurricane Sandy struck the Northeastern United States, it left the town without power, phone and internet. There was no way for the town leadership to communicate to residents at all….well, except for Elite Email, of course!With an intermittent internet connection, the town leadership was able to connect to their Elite Email account to send out important updates to residents and officials about what was going on. It really helped that Elite Email is cloud-based because even without accesses to their offices, all they needed was any computer with an internet connection and they were all set to send out their newsletter.Here is the exact quote from Winsome Citarella, the Clerk Treasurer:

Elite Email was a life saver for our Village during this recent crisis. After Hurricane Sandy hit the Village of Brookville lost power, phone and internet services leaving us completely out of touch with our residents and officials. Since I was not able to access my usual software to communicate I was saved by my Elite Email account. I was able to access your site from where ever I was able to get internet however intermittently and was able to send out important notifications to the residents which was extremely helpful to all of us. So thanks for providing a great service.

We know the town residents really appreciated these timely and critical newsletters because we were forwarded replies like this:“The residents of our village are indeed very fortunate to have you as our Mayor. The endless hours you spent in contact with LIPA, personally traveling every street in the village and relaying information to us was truly outstanding.  We appreciate your daily updates and subsequent twice daily emails.”“Thank you for the valuable update report.”“Thank you very much for these updates. We are sincerely thankful for all of your hard work and all the Village has done. ““Thank you so much for all your efforts – for the hours that went into planning and preparation, and for the excellent follow through.  Your email communication has been invaluable and is much appreciated. The entire community is in your debt .”“Hi – I love these emails! Thank you for the daily update. ““You are a wonderful leader for all of us.  Your emails are reassuring and help us to know that we are being well represented. ““Just wanted to say thanks for all the hard work and keeping us informed.”“Thank you for the frequent updates.  Although the news is never great, it’s better than being kept “in the dark”, sorry about the bad pun!  I really appreciate all that you guys are doing! “WOW, are we glad to have helped make a difference in any way at all!Remember, there are still many people in need, so please donate to the Red Cross.

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