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Why the Newsletter is Among the Best Email Marketing Tools

While there are a number of relatively new email marketing tools at marketers’ disposal, the electronic newsletter is still among the best practices for generating returns. The marketing world is largely split on the subject of the newsletter — some swear by it, while others believe it to be too …

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Is Marketing with Newsletters Still a Thing?

When you think of newsletters, you might think of the monthly ones you get from the school reminding you to check your kids for lice, label all of their loose items and what to do in the event of snow. We no longer think about newsletters as a reliable business …

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The Business Owner’s Guide to Introductory Emails


Your email strategy is one that should be all encompassing. From the email customers get upon signing up for your newsletter, to their password reset email, each of these should be optimized for success. Most important of these is the email that welcomes a person to your service, your product …

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Personalization and Personality In Email Newsletters

It’s 2016 and consumers aren’t looking to work with businesses that look, feel and act like a faceless corporation. In decades past, consumers haven’t been as focused on the personality presented by a company or store they frequented. What mattered was that they made good products and offered top-quality services. …

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Newsletter Design Mistakes Your Brand Can’t Afford to Make

Often considered the flagship inclusion in many email marketing operations, a finely-tuned branded newsletter can truly leave a lasting impact on the members of your contact list. Unfortunately, the same notion holds true for the less than stellar iterations of this inbox asset. If you’re not interested in coming up …

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5 Tips to Supercharge Your Next Branded Newsletter

The newsletter is the backbone of many email marketing campaigns – and for good reason. As one of the most effective methods for reaching an audience in the inbox, this form of content truly goes a long way with readers when implemented properly. Unfortunately, plenty of brands simply assume that …

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Is Now the Time to Go All In with a Branded Newsletter?

For most email marketing practitioners, it’s all about staying hip and current with your inbox content. Tips on being conversational, relevant, and engaging have flooded the web, leading plenty of brands to fire off messages that look more like emails between old friends and less like marketing offerings. While this …

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