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Valentine’s Day 2013 Email Marketing Send Volume Up 16%

Chocolates, hearts, cupid and….. emails! Today Elite Email published the results of a study that analyzed the volume of emails scheduled for February 14, 2013 compared to last year. You can view the full release here. Overall, we found that email volume this year spiked a tremendous amount with an …

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Email Marketing Trends for January 2013

It is always interesting to get a pulse on what people are talking about. Twitter has their trending topic (or you can check out Trendsmap), Google has Google Hot Trends, Yahoo has their Top Trends…. but what about the world of email marketing? What is trendy enough to warrant  the …

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Top 3 Ways Small Businesses Use Email Newsletters

I love email newsletters. You love email newsletters. We all love email newsletters! But, how are small businesses actually using email newsletters to help achieve their goals? To answer that question we conducted a quick flash poll of 250 small business owners and asked the question directly to them. You …

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A New Look For Our Website

As many people may have noticed, we recently unveiled a brand new design for our website. You can see everything at www.eliteemail.com. We have been so focused on releasing all the great new features with Elite Email Fusion that we didn’t really spend too much effort on our homepage and …

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Email Marketing Weekly Trends: It’s All About The Super Bowl

There are certain ways that people can take a pulse on the various “hot conversation topics” happening around the world. There’s the Twitter trending topics (view top trends from 2011), Google Hot Searches, and your Facebook news feed. But, here at Elite Email, we are able to see things from …

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