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Is Facebook for Business a Dying Art?

Person using laptop with Facebook icons

The biggest trend in social media right now you would guess is Twitter, and that’s a fair assumption. Twitter isn’t new, but it’s the hot social network right now, with Instagram hot on its heels. When you watch entertainment news, it’s all about what celebrity tweeted who and what their …

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Can Facebook Ads Help Support Your Email Content?

While most blogs and industry thought leaders can’t talk enough about the power of Facebook when it comes to supporting an email campaign – and for good reason – few such community voices give the official advertising branch of this network the same amount of attention as the social management …

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Is WhatsApp the Future of SMS Marketing?

Any time a brand is able to blend the appeal of social media with the power of SMS marketing, it’s hard not to want to jump on board and go all in with this approach. However, when it comes to the fervor surrounding WhatsApp, is this rising competitor to traditional …

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Calling It Quits on Facebook? Read This First!

As far as social media goes, it’s hard to top the raw reach and power offered by Facebook. Sure, it might not have a complete monopoly on the market, but this platform still stands as the top dog when it comes to using social networks to generate consumer outreach. Of …

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Getting up to Speed with Social Media in 2015

2015 will be the year of social media. In fact, Jeremy Harris Lipschultz, a professor at the University of Nebraska at Omaha and contributor to The Huffington Post, suggests that nothing will influence online marketing operations more than how brands integrate these social platforms into the other facets of digital …

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