How to Actively Grow Your Contact List on Twitter

by Victor Green
3 mins read

We all know that social media and email marketing can combine to do some powerful things when it comes to raising awareness about your brand. However, drumming up interest on a platform like Twitter requires so much more than just copying and pasting your inbox content into the 140 character tweet window. With this in mind, let’s spend a few minutes talking about how your actions and outreach on the world’s most sociable micro-blogging site can truly promote healthy and sustainable growth within your email marketing contact list.

Learn to #Tweetchat

According to Eric Griffith of PC magazine, there’s no better way to start growing your influence – and your contact list – on Twitter than by learning to #tweetchat. As the name implies, this method of interaction is all about reaching out to other industry voices or luminaries and sparking up an ongoing conversation.Depending on the circumstances and your social media strategy, these #tweetchats can either occur spontaneously or as part of a planned event that kicks off at a certain time and with a prearranged series of topics. Either way, incorporating relevant hashtags to “brand” the event and ensuring that the conversation involves multiple names that resonate within the community is a powerful method for boosting your Twitter following.From here, these newly claimed followers can interact with your bio page, older tweets, and other assets on this platform that encourage sign-ups for your contact list and promote awareness regarding exactly what your organization has to offer in the inbox.

Solve a Problem with a Series of Tweets

Even if you’re not quite able to line up a #tweetchat on demand, there’s always an opportunity to spark up a conversation with your target community by actively responding to the questions and problems of these consumers. In his look at this process, Business 2 Community’s Bill Faeth notes that being useful via this kind of interaction is one of the keys that can help differentiate your brand from others on this social platform.Much like your inbox content, answering questions and addressing concerns in real time is all about adding value to this experience for your target audience. You might not be able to handle every query that comes your way, but at the very least people will know that your social channels and other offerings – in this case your weekly newsletter or periodic marketed messages – are chock full of insightful and helpful content.

Pin Tweets Related to Your Email Marketing Operations

If you’ve ever visited a well-maintained Twitter profile, then Lauren Dugan of Social Times points out that it should come as no surprise that the most relevant and important tweets stay at the top of the page via this platform’s “pinning” feature. In keeping with our theme of maximizing your ability to convert followers into contact list members, it makes sense to use this space to promote the finer points of your email marketing operations.Whether you decide to showcase a contest that encourages individuals to join in on your latest inbox campaign, or you keep things simple with a direct link to a sign-up/survey page, the big point here is to have something in place that funnels viewers into a channel that can capture these memberships. Otherwise, you run the risk of letting countless potential inbox contacts end up as wayward customers and missed opportunities.

Learn and Grow with Analytics

The best email marketing campaigns rely upon a plethora of key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics to keep a finger on the pulse of target audiences, so it makes plenty of sense for the same concept to hold true in the “Twitterverse.” As your organization becomes a force on this network, you’ll need to grow and adapt your promotional content and interaction to keep the good vibes – and followers – flowing toward your email contact list.Fortunately, Twitter’s analytics dashboard can provide you with a variety of tools and performance metrics that highlight the types of tweets that drive engagement. With this information on your side, you can continue to refine and optimize your offerings as the needs, desires, and preferences of your audience naturally shift and change.By now, it should be fairly easy to see that working your way into the Twitter feeds of the people who will eventually sign up for your email marketing contact list requires plenty of effort and a keen understanding of how to navigate this platform. However, with these tips guiding the way, there’s nothing that can stand between you and a blossoming presence on this social network that helps increase your reach in the inbox.

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