Creating Your Site: 7 Amazing Website Design Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

by Burke Dorman
3 mins read
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Did you know that website design affects SEO and website engagement? Because of this, it is so important to use website designs that boost these. 

Whether you have a new website or would like to improve an old one, researching website design ideas is crucial if you want to have a successful site. However, many people recommend designs that won’t help because they’ll actually hurt your site’s SEO.

When researching the latest website design ideas, you can find a variety of designs that will make your site look and perform better. If you have competitors, your website will show up more often than theirs and you’ll increase conversions.

So where do you start? Read on to learn about 7 amazing website design ideas.

1. Minimalism

One of the best web design ideas you can use is minimalism. In the past, websites were often packed with a variety of colours and animations simply because the internet was new. However, these websites don’t perform well today because they’re not pleasing to look at.

Using minimalist web design, you can get your point across without throwing too much at visitors. This will ensure they don’t get overwhelmed on your site, so they’ll be more likely to return. To have a minimalist site, you just need a few colours and a basic menu for users to navigate.

Minimalist website design examples

2. Simple Menus

Many websites have a plethora of menus to navigate, especially when they’re large blogs. However, this can also be overwhelming for users because they won’t know where to go. If you use basic, straightforward menus, users won’t have a problem getting to certain parts of the website.

Those with large websites that have a lot of information will need to categorize their content. Your menu should have clearly defined sections so that users know exactly what it is. For example, if you have a store, you can have buttons for different types of products.

3. Mobile-Friendly

No matter what kind of website you have, you should optimize it so that it can be used on mobile devices. Making your website mobile-friendly will help you get more visitors because people will be able to access it from anywhere. But how do you know if it’s optimized?

The simplest way to optimize it is to create a separate theme. Instead of trying to convert the desktop version into a mobile version, you can essentially create a new website. Using things like sliding menus and larger buttons will make the site easy to use, so the site will adapt to phones of any size.

Mobile website features animation

4. Animation

If you feel like adding more spice to your website, you can use animations to make it stand out from others. However, don’t include things that will take the visitors’ attention away from what you’re trying to offer. Instead, include animation transitions when navigating between different pages.

You can also add minor animations at different parts of your site, but ensure that they’re not the main focus. For example, you can include an animated logo at the top of your site, which won’t be enough to distract someone. 

Animations should be used to make your site look sleeker. If you’re adding too much, it’ll just look clunky and it could run slower on older devices.

5. Product Photos

Those that are seeking professional web design ideas for a store will benefit from including product photos on their site. Product photos are essential when selling things because they show customers what you’re offering. If you just include the name and description of a product, no one will feel convinced to buy it.

Hire someone to take photos of all your products. Even if you don’t sell anything, having custom photos will help make your site look more professional. It’s also much easier to get the theme you’re going for if you have custom images.

6. Engaging Content

Many people don’t realize that adding engaging content can make visitors keep coming back. One of the simplest ways to do this is to create a blog on your website. Doing this will give people a reason to visit your site often that doesn’t involve buying products. 

When they visit your blog, you can mention other products and services that you offer. Doing so will make visitors more likely to visit other parts of your site, increasing your conversions. 

If you decide to upload engaging content, ensure that it’s related to what your site’s about. For example, if you sell fitness products, don’t talk about anything other than fitness-related topics. This will prevent visitors from coming to your site and leaving because you’re not offering what they expected.

engaging content animation

7. Silent Videos

Including silent videos on some of your pages will give your site a modern like while preventing people from getting annoyed. You should never include auto-play videos with sound because they can irritate people and make them instantly close the page.

Focus on making creative videos that show off your products or scenery. Add the option to turn on sound, but make them play without any. As visitors are navigating your site, they can learn more about the products or services that you’re offering by watching the videos.

Start Using These Website Design Ideas Today

Now that you’ve read this article, what kind of web page design ideas are you thinking about using? You can get creative and include a variety of designs, but ensure that your site runs correctly with everything. The designs you use should also match the mood of your business so people can familiarize themselves with you.

The first thing you should do is optimize your site to make it mobile-friendly. From there, you can start testing other website design ideas and figure out what people like. Consider checking out your competitors’ websites to get website inspiration for yours.

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