A Guide to Twitter Marketing: 7 Tips for Reaching a Larger Audience

by Burke Dorman
3 mins read
Twitter reaching large audience

Twitter has over 330 million users, so using it to grow your business is a good idea. Twitter marketing revolves around creating content that users will enjoy. Using the likes of tweets and advertisements, you can spread your name and increase conversions. By growing a Twitter audience, you’ll have an easier time promoting things without having to pay for ads.

Read our guide to twitter marketing for reaching a larger audience!

1. Create an Effective Profile

One effective Twitter marketing strategy you can immediately implement is creating an effective profile. When creating a Twitter page, you must make it clear who you are. Using your profile picture, header, and bio, people should be able to identify you as soon as they see your profile and posts.

When creating the profile, use the same imagery that you use on your website. This will help people identify you quicker. Try to avoid creating a different logo for your Twitter profile because it’s better to get your audience familiarized with your regular one.

Twitter profile illustration

2. Pay for Twitter Ads

After creating your profile, the next thing you can do is pay for advertisements. Social media marketing using Twitter is made simple when it comes to ads because they give you several tools to help you target your audience.

When launching a targeting campaign on Twitter, you can choose the age, location, gender, and language of the people you’d like to target. Having these options will help you ensure that you avoid advertising to people that won’t be interested in what you’re offering. 

3. Promote Your Tweets

Aside from paying for standard advertisements, you can pay to get certain tweets promoted. While this is similar to launching an ad campaign, you can focus on interacting with users on Twitter because they can favorite and reply to the post.

When promoting tweets, you should choose ones that promote something. For example, if you make a tweet talking about a sale that your business is having, you can promote that tweet. It will act as an advertisement, but it’ll help you grow both your Twitter page and your website.

promotion illustration

4. Tweet Often

One of the best digital marketing strategies in 2020 was to focus on helping people rather than selling things. It takes seconds to make a tweet, so you should do it often to ensure that people continue seeing you. However, don’t go overboard and tweet every hour.

Understanding how to market on Twitter is all about understanding your audience. You can see the things people like, so you should tweet content that’s similar to what they favorite. Providing that you do this often, you’ll start gaining more followers and engagement on your tweets.

5. Follow People on Twitter

What makes Twitter stand out from other platforms is the ability to follow people, no matter what kind of account you have. With your Twitter page, you can mass follow people so that they see your page. They can then decide whether they’ll follow you back.

This is an effective Twitter marketing strategy because many people regularly follow others. If you follow everyone you see, you’ll continue to gain followers and spread your name. Doing this will make you look more interesting to other users because they’ll want to see what you offer that attracts people.

Twitter followers illustration

Any time you post an advertisement or promote a tweet, you should have a backlink that redirects users to your site. Social media is meant to promote your main service, so try to include links whenever possible. However, don’t include so much self-promotion that people think your page is nothing but advertisements.

Your tweets should offer value to your audience. Whether you’re providing entertainment or useful information, people will only follow you if they get something out of what you post. When providing value, people will be more likely to follow the links that you include. Having a good landing page will ensure that they stay on your site.

7. Use Hashtags

Many social media platforms incorporate hashtags because they’re an easy way to find specific things. By using hashtags, your tweets will show up whenever people search for them. In the past, people often included hashtags with every tweet because it was a new feature.

Today, it’s common to use them sparingly because people will understand the main ideas of your tweets just by reading them. To use hashtags as effectively as possible, look at what’s trending on Twitter. From there, you can figure out which hashtags can be applied to your tweets.

You can also use hashtags in your profile’s bio, making it show up with tweets whenever they’re searched. Twitter and social media marketing work hand in hand, you just need to take advantage of all its features.

Twitter hashtagging illustration

Improve Your Twitter Marketing Strategy Today

If you’re someone that wants to establish themselves on social media, Twitter is one of the best places to go. Providing that you use these Twitter marketing tips, you can create a page and make it popular as quickly as possible.

We encourage you to start by making your profile represent your brand the same way that your website does. After doing that, you can use the other methods to promote your page and grow your audience.

If you want to improve your social media presence, contact us now to learn how we can help.

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