5 Great Email Marketing Tricks for St. Patrick’s Day

by Victor Green
3 mins read

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner, which means there is a huge opportunity for leveraging the pseudo holiday with some great email marketing. St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday celebrated by many people and it has great marketing opportunity for holiday engagement because it is light-hearted, but still recognized across a wide variety of demographics. This means that it is easy to reach out to an audience without the pressure of some of the other big holidays.If you are still wondering how you can best use this opportunity for clever email marketing, here are 5 great email marketing tricks that will help you get the most out of St. Patrick’s Day.

Entice Customers With St. Patrick’s Day Discounts

One great way to pull in some attention from your subscriber list is to entice potential customers with a special St. Patrick’s Day discount or freebie offer. Placing a clear and valuable offer in the subject line or within the content of an email can encourage an audience to act, even if they were not considering a purchase at the time. Holidays are an excuse for people to take a little break from the normal hustle and grind, which means that giving them an extra reason can be even more effective when it comes to email marketing.

Create a St. Patrick’s Day Visual Theme or List

People love to stay in the spirit of a holiday, which means that they will be naturally attracted to content that is timely and visually appealing. It is almost as simple as using the gold and green colors that are so commonly associated with St. Patrick’s Day. Sticking to a specific theme lets audiences know what to expect and will draw them in when it is festively appropriate.“After all, content that contains visuals can drive up to 650% more engagement than content without visuals,” says Kristen Dunleavy, contributor for Business2Community.

Stretch the Holiday Engagement by Promoting Daily Deals

St. Patrick’s Day will land on a Friday this year, which means there is huge opportunity to stretch the engagement strategy over the entire weekend. Utilize your email campaign to promote daily deals over Friday, Saturday and Sunday in order to increase the potential of connection.“To add context to your daily deals, you can use time-targeting to automatically unveil new deal each day,” recommends Dunleavy. “This is ideal for getting subscribers to keep coming back to your emails – dare we say, even looking forward to them!”

Share User-Generated Content About St. Patrick’s Day

A great way to engage an audience that is celebrating a holiday is by sharing what they are talking about. Try showcasing their discussions with a live social media feed embedded in your email content. This will help grow your subscriber list by enticing your audience to see if they will be featured in your feed.“On your social channels, tell your followers that you’ll be featuring live social posts in your upcoming email. To see if their photos or posts have been featured, they’ll have to sign up for your list to check it out,” says Dunleavy. “Since the feed is live, they’ll want to come back and check out the email again and again.”

Hold a St. Patrick’s Day Contest

There is no better excuse to hold a contest than a holiday. Audiences are always looking for ways to celebrate the day, which makes this a great way to boost holiday engagement. Everyone wants to feel a little lucky on St. Patrick’s Day.

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