You’re Not Marketing on Pinterest and You Need To. Here’s How

by Burke Dorman
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Pinterest marketing

Did you know Pinterest is one of the best sites for driving purchase intent? A study by Pinterest showed that 93% of users planned to make purchases on the platform. If you’re not already marketing on this site, you need to get on it right away.

Don’t fret if you’re new to Pinterest marketing, Pinterest affiliate marketing, or how to navigate the site in general. Here’s a guide on how you can use it to market your brand, drive traffic to your site, and convert leads:

Distributing and Sharing Your Content

Pinterest is a great place for sharing all types and styles of different content. You can use it to share blogs, marketing videos, or even educational content for your brand like tutorials. Whatever it is that you want to start sharing, Pinterest is the perfect platform to get your content across.

Here a few ways you can maximize distributing your content on Pinterest and get it to as many people.

1. Use Keywords in Pinterest Posts

Like other social media platforms or search engines. Pinterest helps people find different posts through keywords. To help people find your business or brand, make use of keywords in your post titles. 

Boost up your SEO to ensure that Pinterest recommends your posts more often as well. Strip down to the basics of your post and what you want to get across and use that as your keyword. 

Make sure that your descriptions also have these keywords, try not to keep it too long. A good way to catch people’s attention with descriptions is to make it short, simple, and direct. You can even sort your posts and boards into different categories to make it even more accessible to other people.

2. Maximize Space Used

The largest size of a pinned image you can use for your post is 735 pixels by 1102 pixels. These are long and narrow images, meant to fit the screen of mobile devices. To make the most of your real estate on the site, make sure that you use up all of this space so that your posts get clicked on more often. 

One of the greatest things about Pinterest is its linking capabilities. Unlike Instagram or other social media sites you use for marketing, users can click-through live links on your post. This means that when they open up your pin, they can click on the source pin to open the attached link. 

You can even include additional links in the description of your post to gain even more traffic to your site or your other social media platforms. 

4. Organize Your Content Into Pinterest Boards

Pinterest gives you a way to share content on Pinterest boards. Pinterest boards save all of your posts and pins into one location for you to easily share with users. You can create as many boards as you want, all with different themes, ideas, or similar content.

This makes it easier for your follower to find what they need and lets other uses explore your content. You can even make a collaborative board where you invite other people to contribute to the board.

5. Build Your Community

Social media platforms and online communities are the best ways to bring your target audience together. 

Pinterest lets your target audience follow, interact with, and consume your content. You can express your creativity while driving more and more traffic on to your site. 

When you’re first starting out on Pinterest, make sure to promote it on your other social media. This is to get the ball rolling. 

Over 250 million people use Pinterest. It’s a big community and if you’re not already using it to market your brand then you’re missing out on an ocean of leads.

6. Let Your Following Learn

Your Pinterest posts aren’t limited to regular ads you would share on other sites promoting your brand. You can take your profile in multiple directions and produce all kinds of content. One good type of content you can start making are ones that educate your audience.

Since most posts on Pinterest are visual content. You can make use of infographics, tutorials, how-tos, and other educational content. Just like with any site, it’s best to push out content that keeps your target audience in mind. 

7. Use Plugins Like Shopify

Don’t forget to use tools like Shopify. These tools allow people to quickly purchase an item you marketed on Pinterest without having to leave the platform. This makes the process quick and easy, particularly for mobile users.

Remember that Pinterest marketing is a visual strategy. When people find something they like, they’ll want to get it!

8. Community Contests

Take advantage of user-generated content. Put up a board with images of your staff using a product or service and then ask the community to make something similar. Have them share their boards and use a specific hashtag to promote your business.

Reward those who hit a certain goal, like sharing their board to 20 people. This is a great way to get the community involved and to promote your brand.

9. Non-Professional Photos Can Work Too

Many companies assume every photo has to look like a work of art. Yes, you’ll want the majority of your pictures on Pinterest to look professional but you can keep a board or two for “regular” shots too. These are much more candid and can help showcase a personal touch to your brand.

10. Metrics Matter

Get tools to study the metrics. Learn what kind of photos and boards people respond to. Learn what time and days people engage with your content.

Make sure to check the demographic too. You need to know who your audience is as this can alter your online marketing efforts.

Follow These How-To’s of Pinterest Marketing

We hope that after reading this article, you know more about Pinterest marketing. Hopefully, this has lead to a better understanding of how Pinterest works. As well as how you can use it to your advantage and market your brand to a new audience.

Pinterest is one of the most versatile and useful marketing tools any business can use. That’s affordable and easily accessible to any brand that wants to convert more leads. As well as drive more traffic towards your site and bring more awareness to your brand and any services you provide. 

But why stop with Pinterest? If you enjoyed this article and want more like it, check out the rest of our guides, like this tackling how to make a good ad for Facebook

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