5 Tips From a Project Manager’s Playbook

by Burke Dorman
3 mins read
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As a new member of the Project Management team, I swiftly dug up some tips and tricks on how to achieve success in digital marketing campaigns and projects. Here’s a peek at my playbook of  “must-dos” for all project managers— aspiring, beginners and experienced alike.

1. Maintain Open Communication

The ability to communicate comfortably and efficiently with various types of people can hold the key to your project’s optimum level of success. Your relationship with the client, however it is gaged, should always be professional; however, it is important to cater your message to the audience and ensure high-impact communication. Each person will need to be engaged in a well-calculated approach. One might understand best with a detailed play-by-play, while another will benefit more from a brief overview. Also, if someone wants to discuss her nieces’ middle-school graduation before discussing any business, pay attention. You might even note it and ask her later if her niece is enjoying high-school. Unassuming niceties like that make an impression.

2. Know Your Stakeholders

It is imperative to connect with your stakeholders as the project is initiated…and to do so frequently. This simple tactic builds trust and allows you to gain valuable insights about how to increase the likelihood of success for your project; however, be mindful to be interchangeable with your approaches of communication. Some people are more at ease in person, some over email or on the phone. You’ll notice that the more comfortable your clients feel, the more they will be eager to cooperate with you.

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3. Practice Self-Assured Problem-Solving

Pulling off a confident stance when you encounter an obstacle is no easy feat; however, each of these challenges presents an opportunity for improvement. Be confident in your abilities to brainstorm and implement solutions. After all, be mindful that a problem can be a moment for a break-though, a stroke of luck, or an opportunity to progress and rectify a situation so that you can make yourself and your project better. Unravel the hitch in your own way and make it a learning process.

4. Shake Off the Fear

A proactive and pragmatic Project Manager tries to assess probable snags before they happen. This is accomplished by developing an effective Risk Management Plan. Yet, not all issues can be foreseen and the unlikely can occur—so don’t be anxious about what could go awry. Some things are simply out of your control and you will unavoidably encounter blunders in your career. The key is to learn from your mistakes by understanding what didn’t work and how you can improve upon it the next time around.

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5. Celebrate Small Victories

Everyone likes to feel significant, valued and appreciated. Frequently, project managers get so involved that we forget about the little things such as a “job well done” or a pat on the back. If you make it a priority to give genuine praise on a regular basis, you will have well-motivated and highly-effective team members.

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