Welcome to The Games Room

by Burke Dorman
3 mins read
A group of people playing ping pong in an office.

At Elite Digital, we don’t just take pride in our work, but we also take pride in our office; because our office is like our second home. We’ve got a “Work Hard, Play Hard” mentality, and our games room reflects that. It features a pool table, ping-pong table, board games area, foosball table, and more. On any given day, most often during lunch periods, you can find active games of pool, ping-pong, and more.Staff also enjoy games of Giant Jenga from time to time. There’s even ongoing Ping-Pong scoreboard; though some players will claim it doesn’t accurately reflect their skills with the paddle.The featured image is a snapshot of some of our team members enjoying a hard-earned lunchbreak. Letting loose in the workplace is a great way to de-stress and declutter the mind.Most importantly, having an energetic and competitive outlet in the workplace can go a long way in putting staff in the right mindset to produce quality work. But, don’t be fooled by their gentle demeanors – some of these ping-pong games can get pretty heated…

Whether you’re looking to unwind from a busy day, bond with new co-workers, build new relationships, or simply show off your skills, then the games room is the place to be.

Sure, we’re fun. But we also work hard. Looking for someone to help manage your next campaign? Contact us here!

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