We Stand United #BlackLivesMatter

by Burke Dorman
3 mins read
Multi-racial hands raised for anti-racism

On May 25th, George Floyd was murdered at the hands of police officers in Minneapolis. His is just one name amongst countless others from the Black community whose lives have been lost due to police brutality. 

We at Elite Digital vehemently reject the notion that any person should be treated unjustly due to the colour of their skin. 

We recognize the need now, more than ever, to stand in solidarity with the Black community.
Because it’s EVERYONE’S responsibility to speak out against hate, racism and violence.

We recognize the need to fight racial stereotypes present in our current society.
And also those present in the marketing industry.

We recognize that systemic racism is a destructive ideology that needs to be stopped.
Not tomorrow — today.

We recognize that it is not enough to simply discourage ANY form of racism, oppression or marginalization of the Black community and other communities of colour.
These ideologies and practices must be completely dismantled. 

We recognize that Canada is not free from the damaging effects of systemic racism and police brutality.
We are not above what is happening in the United States.

We have chosen to donate to Black Legal Action Centre to help provide legal services for low and no income Black residents in Ontario. We urge you to contribute towards anti-racism efforts in any way you can and to boldly fight against racism every day.


And we stand united.

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