Elite Digital Takes Moonshot°: Remote Team Building Escape Room

by Burke Dorman
3 mins read
Inside spaceship to the moon

How do you re-create a legendary annual tradition during a pandemic? Our digital agency decided to get creative, and shoot for the moon.

If it were more of a ‘normal’ year, the Elite Digital team would gather at our office for food, games, a photo booth, an awards ceremony, prizes, and more. It’s well known that our Holiday Party, one chalk full of laughs and ugly holiday sweaters, is the highlight of the year. With social distancing measures in place and our office being temporarily closed, we decided to look for an alternative solution. 

Introducing: Moonshot° – A Virtual Escape Room 

After some research into a variety of virtual-friendly team experiences, we came across Moonshot° – a team-oriented virtual escape room with a virtual assistant, space-themed sets, games, puzzles, and more, all in a completely virtual and safe environment. 

Elite Digital staff were split up into teams in order to achieve a collective mission – launch their craft off of the surface of the moon. But this was not to be an easy task. In order to achieve this goal, each team had to complete a variety of complex puzzles and games in order to move onto the next stage. With a little bit of imagination, each of our computers turned into our very own lunar launch HUDs, and we set off on our mission.

Elite Digital team members playing Moonshot virtual escape room over Zoom

Out of this World Teamwork is Our Driving Force 

Each game and puzzle had a unique task that could be achieved by working together; using the internet as a research portal (such as using Google Maps to locate an address that would be used as a code) and using collaboration to find the right answer to each question. This is where teamwork came into play.

We believe that each individual has a unique and specialized set of skills that contributes to one common vision; as different puzzles called for different skill sets, such as math, linguistics, problem solving, puzzle, strategy, and more, each team had to get everyone involved in order to be successful. As an agency geared towards teamwork, giving it your best, and most importantly, having fun while doing it, this was the perfect activity for us. 

The Result? 

Even though only one team was to be crowned as the winner, everyone walked away with a sense of accomplishment. These challenges were no cakewalk, and it was fulfilling to be able to make it through each of them and see each team member shine at given moments.

While we did walk away missing our traditional office Holiday Party, we were definitely happy with the experience that we got from the Moonshot° Virtual Escape Room. And while it can often be difficult to adjust to ‘the new normal’, it’s always encouraging to see that digital platforms can still offer opportunities for collaboration and engagement. 

At the end of the day, the Elite Digital team was able to display the same qualities they put forth everyday at work – top-notch strategic thinking, creative problem solving and hardcore determination.

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