Happy Devs? That’s Just Code for ‘Coffee and Ping-Pong’

by Burke Dorman
3 mins read
A group of people standing next to a ping pong table.

The Sit DownThis week I sat down with a few of our devs to pick their brains on some concepts we could write about for the blog. Full-Stack Developers TK and Arash joined me at our in-office park, complete with faux-grass, authentic hand-made Adirondack chairs, wooden picnic table, strung lights, and sitting hammocks. We settled in, got comfortable, and then we began. First, we covered some of the recent projects they have been working on that they are incredibly proud of, including the Doritos Jurassic Contest, which is still currently running. Stay tuned for more information on the scope of that project in a few days. As we covered a few more of their recent projects, we quickly ascertained that there are some running themes that connect all of the developers at Elite Digital.The LanguageFirstly, the developers at Elite Digital, for the most part, speak and understand each other’s “Code Languages”. As someone with a social media background, it took me a second to pick-up on what this actually meant. Essentially, at a standard agency, each developer has their own unique way of coding for projects. When a project is passed down to another dev to continue working on it or fixing existing bugs, the new developer often has to completely re-learn the previous developer’s language, and not often with a great deal of success; this can often result in the new developer creating more bugs than there were in the first place, or wasting time deciphering the code itself.Our devs are different. This tightly knit group of code warriors operate almost in a ‘Hive-Mind’ mentality. Although they all speak somewhat of a different ‘code dialect’, they fully understand each others code and coding processes. This helps us maximize efficiency in the workplace, as our devs are focusing more on the project at hand and less on re-inventing the wheel when a project is passed down or transitioned into a collaborative process – all with the bonus of being able to work together on the same project at once. Elite Digital Devs have even generated several frameworks and templates that suit different web layouts and functions – some on their own, and some together; nevertheless, each dev is more than familiar with how every single one works.The FamilyAs an integral part of the Elite Digital family, the developers here are also part of their own family, too. You can often catch them eating lunch together, catching some intense games of ping-pong, and chatting the latest code buzz over *several* cups of coffee. The bond that the devs share is emblematic of the bond that each team member at Elite Digital shares with one another. At its essence, this bond is one of the primary reasons everyone here is able to work so well together. We understand each other, we have great chemistry, we respect each other, and we have lots of fun together. Through these experiences, different teams, staff members, managers, and in this case, the devs, are able to connect on a new level that extends beyond simple friendships and creates a powerful connection that reverberates back into the work that they do. The Ping-PongHow could I forget about Ping-Pong? Let me put this straight. There are casual ping-pong players, and then, there’s the Elite Digital Devs. These guys are next level when it comes to the sport. They spend most of their lunch hours getting into heated games of singles and doubles matches, mastering their skills, and competing for that top spot on the Elite Digital Ping-Pong Ranking Board. Everyday we thank our devs because they are one of the most important aspects of what makes things run so smoothly at our agency; they are the cogs behind the machine that makes it ‘TICK’.Whether we’re talking code or Ping-Pong, our devs are serving high-quality moves over the net. The current mystery? Well, we’re still trying to figure out if their smooth coding comes from their smooth Ping-Pong serves, or vice-versa – but either way, we aren’t about to stop them from doing their thing. Because clearly, it’s working. Looking for someone to help manage your next campaign? Contact us here!

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