6 Tips for Crafting the Ultimate Pinterest Marketing Strategy

by Robert Burko
3 mins read
A woman employing a smartphone with the Pinterest logo on it for her marketing strategy.

Pinterest is a great way to mass market your products and platform. It reaches a large audience, is user-friendly, and is also affordable. It should definitely be a part of your social media marketing strategy, but reaching Pinterest’s millions of users is not as easy as just uploading a simple picture. You have to be more creative and specific than that.

With these six Pinterest marketing strategy tips, you’ll be getting both impressions and conversions like never before.

1. Make a Complete Profile

Consider your Pinterest an extension of your brand. That’s why you should fill out your Pinterest profile as much as possible. Use your brand’s logo, colours and tone of voice for your profile picture, header and even in the description of your company.

Describing your business also helps with SEO optimization. Start off active and create several different boards. This increases the chances of exposure compared to leaving the account inactive for long periods of time.

Ideally, you’ll want the first 10 boards and pins to be as relevant to your company as possible. So if your business focuses on dietary supplements, for example, you’ll want to have a board for herbs, vitamins, minerals and even health tips.

2. Engagement Is Key

Keep your engagement up throughout the day and week. A great Pinterest marketing strategy ensures that you are not just uploading content but also engaging with others as well. This might even mean going through and engaging with competitors.

You could have a specific board for pins from other users that resonates with your company. There are even community boards where you can pair up with other creators for a collection of different pieces of content. If you find a community board that directly fits into your niche, even better.

Engagement is key for a stellar Pinterest marketing strategy

If you can’t find one, you’re more than welcome to create one. You can then find popular creators of that category and invite them to pin on your community board.

By engaging, you are broadening your potential with audiences. Community boards are hyper focused as well, so if you have previous market research that shows you know your audience, you can quickly get your content in front of them.

3. Don’t Forget Keywords

An important part of a Pinterest marketing strategy is the title and description. Companies will often opt for generic-sounding titles and descriptions, thinking that they don’t play a role in SEO. This is a huge missed opportunity.

Pinterest uses both the pin title and pin description, as well as where the content is posted, to help determine where it ranks in terms of searches. For instance, if you have a product pin of a protein powder you are pushing and you only label it as “protein powder,” it will likely make less of an impact as “protein powder” is extremely broad and can get lost in a sea of different protein powder posts.

Keywords are essential for a stellar pinterest marketing strategy

But when you add Chocolate Peanut Butter Whey Protein Isolate, you are then getting into a field that is a lot less competitive. Not only do you come up when someone searches for protein powder, you’ll also have a chance to rank well if a Pinterest user searches for chocolate peanut butter protein powder.

4. Make Your Images Relevant

Another common mistake when marketing via Pinterest is using images and infographics that have no pertinence to the board or even the title and description. This does not necessarily mean your content won’t rank for the title and description, but it decreases user interaction with your content.

For example, you decide to post a picture of protein powder but you write a title and description about the benefits of sleeping better. Because there is no clear relationship between the picture and your title and description,  you could see a lot of impressions but not a lot of clicks and pins.

To stay relevant, always ensure that pictures line up with your titles and descriptions. Infographics are broader but should pertain to the title and description at hand. Videos can be a little more eye-catching, as the bulk of the content will be in the video, rather than the preview thumbnail.

Selecting good images

5. Be Consistent

Being consistent is different from keeping up engagements. Engagement is the process of showing that you are actively participating in the community. This creates a more brand-friendly face.

In order to be consistent, you should schedule pins on a regular basis. When you are just getting into the Pinterest game, you should look to post often. This means at least once a day, ideally multiple times a day.

After a while, you can slow the content production down but up the quality. A good three-minute video will rank better than multiple stock looking images. You should still ensure that you are posting multiple times a week, but they can be higher-quality posts.

6. Use Multiple Boards

As mentioned earlier, having multiple Pinterest boards is important. You want to ensure that you have a board for each avenue of your business. So if you have a small business that sells supplements, for example, you’ll want a board for all the supplements that you carry.

This also means you can post multiple times with the same content. For instance, if you have a weight loss board and a protein powder board, and the content you post fits into both, you can pin it to both. There is no limit on how many times you should pin a piece of content.

For SEO purposes, try to limit it to once per board. Unless you update the content that is attached, in which case a repost would be sufficient.

Also, ensure that each pin lines up with the correct board. If you have a board about sleeping, you may want to skip pinning a pre-workout piece. There is no limit on how many boards you can have, so get as specific as you need to.

Use These Pinterest Marketing Strategy Tips to Pull in the Users

A good Pinterest marketing strategy will include all of the above tips to pull in users. You want to ensure that your content is not just reaching them, but they are also interacting with it. Pin away. Just be sure to always follow your brand standards.

If you want to learn more about digital advertising, be sure to check out the rest of our blog. Most importantly, if you truly want to maximize your SEO potential, contact us today!

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