How to Drive More High-Quality Leads With Google Ads

by Robert Burko
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Google Ads, formerly known as Google AdWords, is a powerful advertising platform that enables businesses of all sizes to reach potential customers through search engine results and other websites. About 56.1% of search ad revenue in the USA belongs to Google. That’s a significant amount! Google ads are an effective way to get high-quality leads. They rank among your most expensive lead generating techniques, though.

When you invest in paid search ads, you need to see a return. What could be more frustrating than wasting your budget on low-quality leads?

There are a few tactics and best practises you should adhere to in order to maximise the effectiveness of your campaign if you’re wanting to use Google Ads to generate more high-quality leads. We have a guide to help you avoid this fate, learn how to use Google AdWords to get high-quality leads by reading on.

Define your Google Ads Target Audience

Knowing your target audience is a prerequisite for generating leads. Create thorough buyer personas by understanding the visitors to your website using Google Analytics and other technologies. As a result, you will be able to develop more targeted, effective advertising strategies.

Perform keyword research within Google Ads

Any Google Ads campaign must include keyword research as a key component. To locate the terms that are most pertinent to your company and those that your target market is using to search, use tools like the Google Keyword Planner. Use such keywords in your ad language and ad groups to make sure that the right individuals see your adverts.

Land Your Leads in the Right Place From Google Ads

When we say land your leads in the right place, yes, we’re talking about your landing page, which needs to be excellent to convert leads.

As you are aware, first impressions matter and your website is no different. You just have a few seconds to leave a lasting impression, win someone over, and pique their curiosity. Leads will flee from a landing page that is badly designed.

So, how can your landing page be optimized for leads from Google Ads?

Be Easy on the Eyes

An eye-pleasing, minimal design works well. Use colour theory to decide on a colour scheme that matches your brand. 

Basic design principles go a long way. A clean design helps your leads navigate your page and find the right sections. An overloaded page is annoying to navigate, and the internet is impatient.

Refer to grid layout principles and divide your page up. This can be into thirds, fifths, sevenths, or tighter divisions.

Images sell. So make sure your landing page has some high-resolution photos of your product. A fast-loading video is even better.

Minimize Load Times

Today’s internet users demand instant gratification. Most Google leads lack the patience for long loading times. We live decades away from dial-up; be fast to cut your bounce rate.

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Host with the Best

To cut loading times, invest in an optimized hosting site. You get what you pay for here, and fast servers cost cash. That said, some hosting solutions are a steal these days!

Choose a hosting site with backup servers in case of an outage. A responsive customer service team is a plus. And remember to ask what security measures they have to prevent cybercrime.

Keep Images Small but High-Quality

Compress images to web-friendly file sizes. Try using PNG files instead of JPEGs. Install a content management system (CMS) plug-in to optimize your images.

Cache Files to Boost Speed

You can cache your web pages to save from loading them afresh every time. This reduces your Time to First Byte (TTFB) time. Plug-ins are available for caching too.

Be Asynchronous

Choose asynchronous loading for your CSS and Javascript files. This lets you load multiple pages at the same time instead of one at a time.

Getting Creative With Copywriting Helps You Get High-Quality Leads With Google Ads

The right words help you draw in and convert leads. Polishing your copywriting can boost your conversion rates. It also lets you target audiences most likely to buy from you.

You Have the Power!

In the copywriting industry, power words crop up a lot. Now you might think of the marketing gurus selling your fool’s gold, but some words do work.

Try to include the following where you can: free, fast, easy, simple, instant, love, unique, and new. But the ultimate power word is you.

Even better, address your ad leads by name where possible.

Be Conversational

Now, this depends on your product and target audience. Things like insurance or health products demand seriousness in most cases. That said, you need to not sound like a robot, so here are tips to write like a human.

Read your copy out loud to yourself, your friends or your family. This will highlight awkward or clunky phrasing.

Vector illustration of two copywriters creating content for Google Ads, Blog, and Social Media content.

Be concise. Pay-per-click (PPC) demands brevity, and so do your leads. Use as few words as possible for your Google ads and landing page copy. 

Verbs Drive Action, and Nouns Add Concrete

It can be tempting to fill your copy with flowery adjectives. But well-chosen verbs and nouns paint better pictures in the minds of your leads. 

Use concrete nouns and avoid being abstract. Colourful verbs keep things moving and can beat the best adjectives.

Break Down Those Text Walls

Imagine loading a company’s page and seeing a huge wall of text. It looks insurmountable. How do you tackle it?

You might have heaps of information to relay about your product, but cut it down to the essentials. Break text up into 3 sentence paragraphs. This helps search engine optimization (SEO) and makes it easier on the eyes. 

Testimonials Add Credibility

Reach out to past happy customers and ask them for testimonials. Social proof is one of the most powerful marketing tools you have. Words from your customers’ lips are worth multiples of words from yours.

Offer freebies, like free eBooks, media or subscriptions. You could also include a refer-a-friend scheme to boost your leads.

Optimize your SEO Campaigns To Increase the Effectiveness of Your Google Ads Campaign

Your search engine optimization (SEO) campaign draws your leads to your landing page. Take the time to implement it with skill, analysis and a dash of creativity.

Test, Analyse and Review

Your job is never done in the world of SEO. You need to keep experimenting, analyzing the results, and trying again. Perfection is ethereal, but strive for it, and you might find your leads increase all the same.

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Utilize A Mix Of Long and Short Tail Keywords

Short-tail keywords are brief, often 1 or 2 words long. They work well as seasoning in your on-page SEO. Sprinkle them throughout your paragraphs.

Short-tail’s downfall is its genericism. The terms are too broad, and this means your competition will be tough. 

Utilize long-tail keywords to give you more specific options. Long tails have 3 or more words, and this means they have a lower search volume. Strike a balance between search volume and competition.

Be Mobile-friendly

How often do you check out a new product on your mobile? Say, on your lunch break, or in the supermarket queue. Mobiles win for product research and on-the-go purchases.

Optimize your website and landing page for all mobile platforms. You can reach mobile users almost 24 hours a day. Compared to PCs, mobile users can be easier to convert; they can call you straight from their phone.

You can optimize your current campaigns for mobile. You can also create mobile-specific segments or campaigns. Google has some restrictions for mobile PPC, but you can see which option works for you. 

Research Your Competitors

Look into your competitors’ PPC and SEO performance. Dive deep into their keyword marketing strategy with online tools. You can analyze their organic search listings and their paid ads.

Feeling competitive? Target the same keywords as your rivals and try to outbid them. But sometimes choosing different keywords can be your best strategy.

You can also target a different segment to gain the upper hand. Try reaching different locations, demographics or online groups.

Harness the Power of Remarketing Within Your Google Ads Campaign

Are you using remarketing in your campaigns? If not, you need to get started right away. Remarketing is one of the most efficient marketing strategies out there.

Remarketing lets you target leads that viewed your website but failed to convert. Last-minute hesitancy might have grabbed them, or they had to run an errand. Remarketing to them again could result in quick win sales.

You can remarket based on bounce rate and on-page behaviour. This filters out leads who lacked interest from high-quality leads. Refine your messaging and convert them into customers.

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You can target leads based on which products they viewed, the search terms they entered or how they landed on your page. This opens the door for effective re-engagement, prospecting and upselling.

Boost Your Lead Quality with Google Ads Today

We hope our guide helped you understand the ways in which you can drive high-quality leads with Google ads. Yes, there are cheaper tools in marketing strategy. However, PPC remains one of the most effective lead generation tools in the game.

Remember to refine your messaging. Choose long-tail keywords to stay competitive and test, optimize, and then test again until you get the results you need.

Elite Digital is an award-winning expert in all things digital marketing. We splice cutting-edge strategy with 19 years of experience and know what it takes to boost your leads, conversions and revenue.

We know what you need and how to implement it in order to sharpen the edges of your social media, SEO, SEM, content, and web efforts.

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