Elite Digital ‘Eh’-Gency’s Top 10 Favourite Canadian Brands

by Robert Burko
3 mins read
Graphic of Canadian maple leaf with a bunch of icons surrounding it


As a digital marketing agency in Toronto, we’ve had our eyes on some of the brightest stars in the Canadian brand constellation. Let’s stroll through the hall of fame for the Canadian brands we admire at Elite Digital.

#10: IMAX

IMAX logo and building.

The Immersive Giant

IMAX takes the silver screen and turns it into a golden experience for movie-goers around the globe. Picture this: you’re not just watching a movie but part of the scene, feeling every vibration and hearing every whisper as if you were alongside the heroes on their adventures. It’s this larger-than-life approach that IMAX has baked into their marketing strategy. They don’t sell tickets; they sell unforgettable journeys. It’s a brand that promises—and delivers—a spectacle as vast as the Canadian wilderness. IMAX’s marketing is the reel deal, and at Elite Digital, we recognize the power of their storytelling expertise.

#9: Aritzia

Aritzia logo and storefront.

Chic Innovation

Aritzia stands at the crossroads of stylish sophistication and effortlessly cool, clothing the modern woman in confidence and class. Their brand is a tapestry woven from the finest threads of aspirational fashion and accessible elegance. Whether it’s a power blazer for that next board meeting or a slinky slip dress for a night out in the city, Aritzia’s marketing narrative speaks to quality and style. As one of Toronto’s top digital marketing agencies, we’ve taken notice of how Aritzia has tailored its strategy to fit the contours of contemporary culture, making every piece feel like a custom find. Kudos to Aritzia—walking the runway and the city streets with equal flair, they’re stitching their name into Canada’s fashion legacy.

#8: lululemon

lululemon logo and storefront.

Stretching Beyond Borders

Just as yoga stretches the body, lululemon has stretched its brand from Vancouver to global recognition. Their secret? As one of Toronto’s top digital marketing agencies, we respect lululemon’s marketing philosophy that blends lifestyle with activewear, encouraging customers to live their best, most flexible lives. It’s the attire of choice for the modern yogi and anyone looking to embrace movement in style.

#7: Air Canada

Air Canada plane.

The Sky’s the Limit

Air Canada has soared to become the face of the Canadian skies—their marketing cruises through the clouds, embodying the elegance and expansiveness of the nation itself. As one of the top digital marketing agencies in Toronto, we have gleaned how the Air Canada brand paints a picture of a company about more than travel—it’s about the journey and the destination, bringing a world of experiences to the Canadian tarmac.

#6: David’s Tea

David’s Tea logo and storefront.

Sipping on Success

David’s Tea has steeped the traditional tea leaf into a modern Canadian success story. Its vibrant stores and even brighter flavours tell a tale of innovation and sophistication. The company’s marketing approach is fresh, zesty, and as soothing as a cup of its finest blend. At Elite Digital, one of Toronto’s top digital marketing agencies, we raise our mugs to their fresh take on an ancient brew.

#5: Roots

Couple hugging wearing Roots clothing.

The Pioneers of Comfort

Roots isn’t just clothing; it’s the emblem of the Canadian spirit—rugged, refined, and ready for adventure. Their marketing taps into the heart of the great outdoors, transporting you to a world of campfires and starry skies. It’s about feeling good in your skin (or, in this case, leather and fleece), and Roots outfit the Canadian identity with pride and style.

#4: Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons logo and storefront.

Canada’s Coffee Companion

“Double-double” and “Timbits” have become part of the Canadian vocabulary, thanks to Tim Hortons. Like hockey, it’s woven into the cultural fabric of the nation. Their digital marketing strategy brews a blend of community, comfort, and Canadianness that we can’t resist. It’s as Canadian as saying “sorry” when someone else bumps into you, and as one of Toronto’s top digital marketing agencies, we tip our toques to their spot-on brand messaging.

#3: Canadian Tire

Canadian Tire logo and storefront.

Canadian Heritage At It’s Finest

Canadian Tire is more than a store; it’s a Canadian landmark. Whether for snow tires or a spatula, this store stands like a lighthouse guiding Canadians through every season. Their digital marketing tactics mirror their diverse inventory—versatile and reliable. Canadian Tire Positioned itself as the go-to spot for just about anything under the Northern Lights in a country that’s all about weathering the elements.

#2: Swiss Chalet

Homey Hospitality

Swiss Chalet is like that friend who always knows how to comfort you with a warm, home-cooked meal. Their marketing strategy is all about the feeling of home. With its familial ambiance and mouth-watering rotisserie chicken, Swiss Chalet has carved out a special place in the Canadian dining and digital marketing scene. It’s taken the taste of tradition and a pinch of nostalgia to cook up a brand presence as warm and as memorable as their signature gravy.

#1: Dollarama

Dollarama logo and storefront.

The Dollar Dynasty

Dollarama is a testament to value and variety, offering a treasure trove of items for every need. From coast to coast, folks enter with a loonie and leave with a smile, bags brimming with finds. It’s the savvy shopper’s paradise, and Dollarama’s digital marketing efforts reflect that—simple, straightforward, and intelligent. Like a beacon in the world of retail, it shows that a dollar well spent can go a long way, and who doesn’t love a bargain?


There you have it — a mosaic of Canadian brands that stand tall like the Rockies and run deep like the Great Lakes. Each one is a shining example of what makes us uniquely Canadian and a showcase of masterful branding from which we can all learn—craving a digital marketing strategy as sturdy as a Canadian oak? Elite Digital, a leading digital marketing agency in Toronto, is here to help you tap into the sweet maple syrup of success. Ready to leave an indelible mark on the digital front? Let’s get in touch, eh?

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