On The Ball: Top 5 Digital Marketing Pointers We Learned From the Toronto FC

by Robert Burko
3 mins read

Let’s lace up and hit the digital marketing pitch with strategies inspired by one of Toronto’s most exciting teams, the Toronto FC. Like in soccer, digital marketing is all about strategy, precision, and knowing your team’s strengths. Dive into these top 5 digital marketing pointers, which we’ve derived from Toronto FC’s tactics, and see how Elite Digital, a leading digital marketing agency in Toronto, can help you score big online.

Tip #1: Play Like a Team – Have A Unified Strategy

Example of a Unified Marketing Campaign

As a soccer team succeeds with coordinated plays, a unified digital marketing strategy ensures all elements progress toward a common goal. For example, when launching a product, the messaging should resonate across all platforms — from a TikTok hashtag to a Facebook live event, just as Toronto FC players work together to set up a goal.

Male soccer player kicking a ball towards a male soccer goalie

Tip #2: Set Your Goalposts – Define Clear Objectives

Goals in Action: SMART Objectives

Clear objectives are pivotal in guiding your marketing efforts. Take a leaf out of a sports playbook and set SMART goals. For instance, instead of aiming to ‘increase website traffic,’ a SMART goal would be ‘to increase website traffic by 20% within the next quarter through a targeted content marketing campaign,’ giving you a clear target to shoot for. A digital marketing agency in Toronto can help you set SMART goals that align with your business goals and objectives. 

Tip #3: Keep the Ball Rolling – Consistent Engagement

Keeping Engagement Alive

In soccer, keeping possession of the ball is crucial, and in digital marketing, it’s all about consistently engaging with your audience. Regular updates to your blog, peppered with relevant and valuable content, keep your audience coming back for more — akin to a team making strategic, successive passes to maintain possession and control of the game. If you’re looking for fresh ways to update your content, reach out to a digital marketing agency in Toronto, like Elite Digital, and we can curate a content strategy that will breathe new engagement into your social media efforts. 

Tip #4: Defend Your Turf – Protect Your Brand Online

Brand Defence in Action

Like a team defends its goal, you must protect your brand’s online presence. This means actively managing your online reputation by promptly addressing customer feedback and ensuring your content reflects your brand values. It’s like how a goalie stands as the last line of defence; your brand image must be safeguarded at all costs. As a Toronto-based digital marketing agency with over 20 years of experience, Elite Digital has a proven track record of leveraging industry-leading tools and technology to help monitor and protect your brand online. 

Tip #5: Always Be Scouting – Know Your Competition

Scouting Report Example

Understanding your competition is as crucial as knowing the opposing team’s tactics. You can identify what sets your brand apart by conducting a competitive analysis. It’s like studying the game footage of your rival team — you learn their strengths and weaknesses and adapt your strategy to gain the upper hand. Not sure how to start a competitive analysis or unsure of what to look for when doing so? Reach out to a digital marketing agency in Toronto like Elite Digital, and we’ll jump right in. 

Soccer player in blue jersey in the air heading the ball against soccer player in red jersey


In the spirit of a match-winning goal, these digital marketing pointers from Toronto FC’s playbook can help you elevate your online game. As your leading Toronto-based digital marketing agency, Elite Digital will coach you through every play. Let’s team up and turn your marketing goals into a scoreboard of success. Ready to kick things off? Reach out and see how we can get your digital strategy into the championship league!

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