Getting to Know Where Your SMS Is Landing

by Victor Green
3 mins read

In the world of mobile marketing, everyone seems to be worried about hopping onto the latest crazes and trends. However, this type of mindset can lead you to missing out on some of the fundamentals of a strong marketing campaign. At the top of this list is making sure your landing pages are in order. When compared to some of the other activities that go into setting up a great SMS initiative, this process might not seem so exciting.However, once your users click these mobile links, landing pages become the key piece of the entire conversion puzzle. Without a strong showing here, you can say goodbye to plenty of potential conversions. If this doesn’t sound agreeable, spend some time brushing upon the importance of landing pages and how optimizing your current stable of options, or creating new ones entirely, can give your mobile marketing campaign new life.

Why Are Landing Pages So Important?

Before you get into how to make your landing pages more effective, look at some information that helps illustrate why this process is so important. According to a post from Ion Interactive, custom landing pages can account for massive increases in ROI. In fact, some firms reported gains of almost 300 percent in this article. While these numbers may seem outlandish at first glance, a report from HubSpot helps explain the industry viewpoint on landing pages. According to a study of marketers who discussed these tools, 92 percent of these experts described landing pages as effective or very effective. Basically, those with the industry experience know that when utilized correctly, few things are as strong as an optimized landing page.

What Are the Best Ways to Optimize These Offerings?

So how exactly do you optimize your current landing page inventory? To start, the aforementioned Ion Interactive post shows that variety is a great thing when working with mobile marketing. In fact, Dell saw a 300 percent increase in conversions, when compared to its standard website pages, by utilizing 1,000 different landing pages. Naturally, your company probably doesn’t need this many options. In fact, another HubSpot article explains that businesses with 31 to 40 landing pages actually generated 12 times more leads than companies that only rely on one to five of these tools. Regardless of what the right number for your organization is, the fact that having as many answers to different consumer situations as possible increases your odds of hitting a conversion homerun is a great one to keep in mind as you optimize your landing pages.Another great idea, as noted by Event360, is to incorporate A/B testing into the landing page optimization process. This process actually raised an additional $60 million for President Obama during his election fundraising activities. To conduct this type of testing, you’ll need a control page, generally what you currently offer customers in a live setting, and new variations. From here, selecting a sample of consumers and comparing the results of the variables can provide insight into which landing pages should make the cut. By constantly enacting this process with each new iteration, your company can refine the science behind its landing pages and build a top-notch stable of offerings that compliment your next mobile marketing campaign.Landing pages play a major role in your mobile marketing process. For organizations that fail to utilize these tools, the potential for serious returns on this investment never materialize. However, simply having landing pages is not good enough. To get the most out of your pages, optimizing your inventory, via multiple iterations and A/B testing, give you the tools you need to initiate a great mobile marketing campaign.

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