Tomorrow Our CEO, Robert Burko, Takes The Stage at the DMA’s Email Evolution Conference

by justinolch
3 mins read

I’m sure it comes as no surprise to anyone that all of us here at Elite Email love talking about email marketing. We live it, we breath it, and it is our passion. All of that is compounded ten-fold when referring to our CEO, Robert Burko.Robert just loves engaging with people on the topic’s he is passionate about and at the Email Evolution conference in Miami, there will be hoards of people ready, eager and willing to hear & learn all they can about the exciting things happening in the world of digital marketing.Robert’s specific session, happening Friday afternoon (not to be missed!), is titled “How Mobile Text Message Marketing Can Fuel Your Email & Multi-Channel Marketing”. It is being co-presented with David Brinder, the acting executive director of the Prosserman JCC.This presentation topic is really exciting because it looks at how mobile text message marketing can be fused with email marketing to create a comprehensive (and most importantly, effective) communication strategy.I was given a sneak peak of the presentation ( because for some reason I’m not being taken to Miami?) and it looks great. There’s lots of really great information and insights that will give everyone in attendance some really tangible ideas that they can execute on.I know the feedback from Robert’s recent talk at Email World 2013 in San Diego had great reviews and I’m sure this will be equally as positive.To all the attendees, we say ‘enjoy’ and to Robert, we say ‘good luck’!

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