5 Reasons SMS Marketing Is a Must for Small Businesses

by Victor Green
3 mins read

SMS marketing is a powerhouse tool used by some of the biggest brands out there. From Fortune 500 companies to international mega corporations, it’s a key part of some of the best marketing campaigns around. Because of this, you might think that connecting with customers on their mobile phones doesn’t have a spot in your daily operations. However, just because some of the biggest brands out there use mobile marketing doesn’t mean that local or small companies can’t get in on the action as well. If you’re on the fence about SMS marketing, that’s OK – after reading these five reasons why you should give it a try, you see just how powerful this tool can be to bringing in new faces to your local shop.

SMS Marketing Is Budget Friendly

The first question you probably have about SMS marketing is how much it’s going to set you back on your budget. While your first thoughts might bring to mind empty bank accounts and expenses reports dripping in red ink, the reality of the situation is that this type of marketing is most definitely budget friendly. Aside from cutting down on the physical costs of traditional marketing – everything’s electronic with mobile marketing – you can save a healthy chunk of your time, effort, and money by automating the process. Scheduling mass texts and using templates cuts out the cost of setting up the marketing campaign and lets you focus on the important stuff – namely running your business once the interested customers start rolling in.

Engaging and Selective Marketing Goes a Long Way

Aside from being a pretty thrifty way of getting your message out to the masses, SMS marketing is also a highly effective channel to connect with your customers on. Because these messages are often short and to the point, you can create an attractive text that puts an emphasis on brevity and value. For customers on the go, these are two big positives that can help cement your status as a go-to outlet. Messages can also contain a short-link back to your online store which helps engage those customers that might never step foot in your physical shop, but would be more than happy to come through the virtual storefront and do business online.

Everyone Reads Texts

Taking this a step farther is the simple fact that basically everyone loves reading texts. With average open rates hovering right around 93 percent, it’s safe to say that you’re message will definitely end up in front of the eyes of your audience. While this doesn’t always mean that these customers will convert right away, it does plant the seed for keeping your brand at the forefront of their minds. By staying in touch regularly with great offers, you’ll not only snag the sales from the eager members of your audience, but potentially build up enough steam to get over with those who might be a little wary about doing business at first. This is definitely a long-term outlook that requires a little patience, but it’s a great way to build brand loyalty and leverage those high open rates associated with text messages to your advantage.

The Potential ROI Is Through the Roof

Not surprisingly, all of the aforementioned reasons mobile marketing might be a great call for your small business come together to form an outlook that is big on gains and low on risk. Because the costs associated with texting customers are so low and open rates and engagement are so high, SMS marketing often offers up a big chunk of every business owner’s favorite stat – return on investment (ROI.) While throwing around figures and reasons is a nice way of explaining the benefits of mobile marketing, at the end of the day you just want to know if this is going to make your business money. Provided that you come up with engaging content that’s to the point and offers up some good deals to your customers, it’s hard to see the answer to that question being anything other than a resounding yes.

Room to Grow

With the first four reasons in the rearview mirror, our last entry is a little more forward thinking. Since especially savvy business owners are always looking to the future, it only makes sense that the same considerations have a spot in your marketing outlook. Thankfully, the future is looking as bright as ever for SMS marketing. With more people than ever before in your local town, and around the world, carrying phones that can do more and more tech wise, the opportunities for enhanced and even more engaging mobile campaigns are nearly limitless. While it’s impossible to say for sure what the future will bring, it’s probably a safe bet that text message marketing has a firm spot in the majority of great advertising campaigns moving forward.

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