5 Fast and Easy Tips for Writing Winning SMS Message Content

by Victor Green
3 mins read

Optimizing your SMS marketing offerings often feels like a never-ending affair – and in many ways, this notion couldn’t be more accurate. Viewer habits and preferences change with each passing day, so it’s beyond vital for your organization to keep moving forward and enhancing the experience when possible.Of course, subscribing to this belief and actually implementing relevant optimization tactics isn’t always so simple if you’re facing down a seemingly endless parade of other responsibilities and duties. With this in mind, let’s take a few minutes to look over five fast and easy tips for writing better SMS message content that anyone can deploy, regardless of how busy or jam-packed your schedule is going forward.

Write with Value in Mind

The first tip up on the list comes from Megan Totka of Small Business Trends and focuses on the concept of value. As Totka explains, it’s important to write with value in mind when crafting SMS content. After all, these messages aim to promote a specific deal or offer, so honing in on an engaging or enticing focal point is kind of the reason for reaching out in the first place.A good way to make this endeavor a little easier on yourself is by emphasizing the value behind your offering right off the bat. Don’t worry about “fluffy” or airy introductions and instead cut right to the chase with your big promotion. Your audience will thank you later for this approach and you won’t spend excess time writing unnecessary inclusions.

Skip the Fluff Entirely

Speaking of fluff, why not just skip over this kind of content entirely and streamline your each portion of this promotional offering? SMS messages should be short, sweet, and to the point, so only include what’s absolutely necessary – greeting, value proposition, call-to-action (CTA), etc. – as a way to expedite the viewing process and lower the risk of consumers being turned off or bored with your text-based selections.

Consider a Consistent Template

As far as the structure of your texts are concerned, Marketing Profs’ Veronica Jarski points out that having a strong template can alleviate a lot of the stress that comes with churning out a steady stream of SMS offerings. Usually, this template will provide you and your team with a guideline of sorts and translate across all of your messages; something that can reduce your development time drastically.It is necessary to note that how and where you fit all of the pieces together within this SMS message is something that differs from brand to brand. Fortunately, with the help of existing consumer data and a willingness to solicit feedback from your audience with each successive mobile campaign, zeroing in on the perfect template and reaping the rewards of this tactic becomes a far more expedient and manageable affair.

Aim for That “Special” Feeling

Like any other audience, your text-based followers expect – and even demand – a certain level of attention and special treatment. More specifically, these contact list members want to have access to deals, offers, and discounts that other audience segments won’t have a chance to interact with anywhere else.When you stop and think about it for a minute, providing unique content or offers designed exclusively for this platform actually makes plenty of sense. If these customers could find the same selections on social media or via in-store materials, why bother with signing up for your SMS marketing campaign in the first place?

Don’t Forget to Identify Your Brand

Finally, don’t forget to include something that identifies your brand and lets the viewer know who sent this text in the first place. As obvious as this tip might sound initially, Susan Gunelius of Entrepreneur magazine notes that you’d be surprised at just how many promotional texts go unclaimed in the average customer’s mobile inbox.The big key here is that you don’t have to go overboard with labels and titles within your text messages. In fact, doing so can cause your brand to come across as narcissistic or self-absorbed. A simple brand mention or company-specific sign-off at the end of the message will do just fine.At the end of the day, composing winning text messages for your on-the-go audience is going to require some hard work and effort from your brand – there’s no way around this reality. However, with what you’ve learned here on your side, cutting down on the time it takes to get this content up and running should drop significantly as your brand continues to leverage the power found within mobile marketing.

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