Catching up with the Latest on Google and Yahoo’s Ongoing Email App War

by Victor Green
3 mins read

In terms of email giants, no two names carry quite as much importance as Google and Yahoo. Yes, Google currently rests comfortably on the inbox throne by laying claim to almost a billion users, but Yahoo’s 237 million strong global following is clearly nothing to scoff at when comparing the two.Adding in the fact that both of these tech leaders recently released updated mobile apps aimed at bolstering their on-to-go audiences further adds an element of intrigue to this ongoing battle for supremacy. With this in mind, let’s talk about the particulars of these latest app iterations, who is winning the mobile inbox war, and how your brand can make the most of the opportunities presented on both platforms.

The Details on Google’s Inbox Push

Based on the scope of Google’s following – and its likely relevance to your email marketing audience – it make sense to start the conversation with a look at the industry leader’s latest offering. As Jacob Kastrenakes of The Verge explains, Google’s plan for mobile users revolves around leaving the Gmail app behind and promoting a new alternate, simply known as “Inbox.”Aside from a sleek new user interface, Kastrenakes points out that Inbox is all about enhancing the utility and ease of use of Google’s mobile platform. Specifically, Inbox showcases a search tool that makes finding orders, reservations, flights, and other hidden or “body copy” items a more intuitive and expedient affair.Considering that it wasn’t all that long ago that iPhone and iPad Gmail users didn’t even have a search feature of any kind, it’s safe to say that bolstering this facet of the mobile experience is still a highly relevant endeavor. It also makes refining and crafting your email marketing copy with advanced mobile searches in mind a significant part of the content creation process going forward.At this point in time, the original Gmail app and Inbox are both live on all app networks. However, Stephen Hall of 9to5Google reports that Google is currently redirecting select Gmail app users to Inbox, thereby giving credence to the notion that the old Gmail app is on the chopping block in the near future.

A Look at Yahoo’s Mobile App Response

On the other side of the mobile inbox battle lines, Tech Crunch’s Sarah Perez notes that Yahoo has decided not to launch an entirely new app, but rather tweak its current selection via platform-specific upgrades. Curiously, these upgrades went live a mere two days after Google unveiled the smart toolbar feature for Inbox, leading some industry voices to charge Yahoo with claims of “one-upmanship” and steeling its competitor’s thunder.As far as the actual upgrades are concerned, the iOS variation of the Yahoo Mail mobile app now features a search box that sorts emails by criteria such as sender and keyword. For the Android aficionados within Yahoo’s ranks, its mobile app on this platform can now interact with and act upon real-time mobile email notifications without actually having to open the app itself.In the shared space between these two platforms, all users of the Yahoo Mail mobile app now have access to customizable left/right swipe shortcuts. From deleting messages to marking an item as read or unread, combining these shortcuts with the embedded multi-select toolbar allows supporters of Yahoo’s app to apply this new functionality to multiple messages instantaneously.

Who Is the Winner of This Showdown?

The truth of the matter is that defining a winner from among these two mobile combatants simply isn’t possible. Both apps continue to push the envelope of innovation and consumer utility, all while appealing to different segments and demographics within the mobile community.However, if you’re willing to view this competition through the lens of email marketing, then there is most definitely a clear winner: Brands like your own. Thanks to a consistent and iterative approach to the mobile email experience, each new feature and function added to the respective apps of these tech giants ensures that your inbox content has a better chance to make an impact with its target audience.Of course, this assumption only holds true if you’re also willing to embrace this push for a higher quality mobile experience via your brand’s email marketing operations. Fortunately, with everything you’ve learned here about the latest offerings from Yahoo and Google leading the way, committing to this approach and seizing the opportunity to craft content that truly leverages the power of these apps becomes a straightforward and engaging process.

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