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Digging Deeper into Google’s Events for Gmail Update

On the surface, the Events for Gmail feature found within the shared space of Gmail and Google Calendar doesn’t seem like it has much influence on how brands and marketers operate within the inbox. Up until a few days ago, the sentiment behind this statement was right on the money. …

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Breaking down Gmail’s New Postmaster Tools

If you’re new to the world of email marketing, then there’s one thing you need to learn in a hurry: When it comes to Google, you’d better be prepared to take note of every little move this industry leader makes. Whether it’s a shift in spam policy or a new …

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Taking Aim at Spam with Google’s New Unsubscribe Button

Fact is, when Google speaks, even if you don’t exactly like what you hear, you don’t have much choice but to listen. The world of email marketing learned this lesson once again with the unveiling of a new unsubscribe feature in Gmail on August 6, 2014. Although switching up the …

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Are Your Emails Ready for Gmail’s New Gridview Layout?

For those who know Google, it’s not surprising to see the tech giant switching things up once again when it comes to how people use it’s hyper popular email service. While the changes to Gmail, dubbed “Gridview,” still might be in the trial stages, it never hurts to keep up …

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