5 Ways to Expand your Subscriber List in 2017

by Victor Green
3 mins read

It’s a new calendar year, which means there are countless new opportunities ahead to expand your brand by growing your subscriber list. Keep the lessons learned last year in mind and add these five subscriber expansion tips to your 2017 workflow.

Offer an Exclusive Opportunity

It’s a nearly objective fact that people love being let in on exclusive opportunities. Extend an olive branch to your subscribers, and they will likely reach for it. Entrepreneur contributor Jim Higgins writes: “Offer a sale for subscribers only. It can be 10 percent off, a first look at a new product or even the ability to purchase a product before regular customers. Remember, there are two things people always love — getting a bargain and being part of an exclusive group. Combining the two can be a strong incentive for folks to join your list!”

Provide Options for Further Involvement Upon Purchase

Capitalize on your customers’ initial interest by using their purchase as an opportunity for further involvement. “When your customers make an online purchase, they have already shown an interest in your product; which means they are a prime candidate to buy from you again,” offers Demers. “During the checkout process, offer a button that gives you permission to send them email communications. Place this in an easy to see area so they can take advantage of this opportunity.” Of course, it’s important to clarify beforehand that you won’t be spamming them with a flux of emails!

Let it be Forwarded

Despite the technological progression that we’ve achieved, it remains that the fastest and most optimal way for a business to achieve growth is through spreading a positive reputation among current and future consumers. Demers says: “Word of mouth is still the best way to secure new customers, although in the modern world it may be more ‘word of email’ or ‘word of social media.’ Give customers the ability to forward your emails to their friends. Make sure to put this option in large print at the top of the screen to encourage this behavior. The more your emails are forwarded, the faster your list will grow and the better your chances of increasing sales.”

Provide Sign-up Forms on your Platform

Business owners should capitalize on all facets of a customer’s experience. In this case, this means providing customers the opportunity to subscribe to your services as they carry out their virtual window shopping. “While your customers are browsing your website, make sure to give them the opportunity to sign up for your newsletters without making a purchase. Remember, prospects can be transformed into customers over time if you find a way to make them remember you,” offers Demers. “A great way to do this is by offering a ‘subscribe to our newsletter’ form where prospects can enter their contact information to receive your emails. In order to maximize the number of subscriptions, make sure to put this “call to action” on the header or footer of your site so that it is visible on every page. You might also include a link to subscribe in the signature line of your email, giving your current customers and day-to-day contacts the opportunity to request your newsletter.”

Give Them Free Things!

While subtlety and class is always encouraged, if you’re looking to catch your future subscriber’s eye with a commercial flash, throw some free things on their lap. “Nothing gets someone’s attention like free stuff. Encourage people to sign up by offering free content such as white papers, checklists or guides,” writes Demers. “Just make sure whatever you provide is top quality. Remember, the content you offer is a reflection of your company’s quality and you want to make a great first impression!”

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