5 Fast Tips for Making Your Emails More Interesting

by Victor Green
3 mins read

Picture this scenario: You’ve hammered out all the technical details surrounding your marketed messages and you’re ready to get the ball rolling with your content creation. The only problem? What you’ve come up with this far for your message content flat out stinks.As disastrous as this email marketing nightmare might seem, the truth of the matter is that you’re not the first brand to hit a roadblock when it comes to engaging and exciting content. To help get you back on track, here are five fast tips that are sure to make your emails more interesting and engaging.

Targeting Via Weather and Location

The first tip up comes from Blaise Lucey of Marketing Profs and focuses on adding a little local flavor to your email content. Lucey suggests that instead of firing off the same generic content to everyone on your email content list, break things down by location and customize your content for these various segments.From commenting on the weather in different regions to tethering your products and services to local events, festivals, and other happenings, generating locally relevant content goes a long way with inbox viewers. The best part of this process is that once you do the heavy lifting that comes with acquiring contact list data and segmentation, you’ll have a consistent and stable source of information to rely upon for years to come.

Making the Most of Dynamic Web Cropping

Additionally, Lucey also notes that dynamic web cropping can help keep emails that spend some time as dormant selections in the inbox fresh and exciting. If you’re not familiar with web cropping, this method encompasses the process of pulling snippets from your web page and displaying these offerings in the body of your email content.The dynamic take on this approach goes a step farther by using a rules and logic system to constantly update or change the content previewed based on a variety of factors. Consumer habits, list data, time of day, and a plethora of other inputs can serve as the impetus for this change, thereby keeping your audience excited and intrigued – even when they are dealing with older content.

Say Goodbye to Clutter

In some cases, a lackluster response from your audience doesn’t originate from boring or uninteresting content, but rather via oversaturation of these messages. For this reason, Matthew Torren of Entrepreneur magazine points out that taking a step back and critically evaluating your current stable of email offerings can help reinvigorate your connection with the members of your contact list.Do you really need to fire off multiple messages a week to this group of readers? What about the frequency of that weekly newsletter? Sitting down with your preferred team of email marketing experts and distilling this content down to only the most vital and impactful pieces is a great way to help your brand return to “must-read” status.

Make a Connection with an Affiliate Brand

Outside of initiating a little introspection, Torren also explains that sometimes working with a related brand or affiliate can help recapture the attention of your audience. While most might view this tactic as cheap cross-promotion, Torren points out that it’s more about bringing relevant and engaging content to the forefront of your viewership’s awareness.Industry thought leaders, high quality blogs, and other consumer-driven resources are great targets for this practice. The best part is that if things go well in the inbox, this new relationship with other influential brands can blossom into guest blogging opportunities and other endeavors that will in turn increase the reach of your products and services.

Reward Brand Loyalty

Finally, when it comes to generating a response from your email audience, Econsultancy’s Lucy Wilson reaffirms the notion that rewarding your followers for helping spread the word about your brand can go a long way. Naturally, what works depends entirely on the make-up of your contact list, but it’s hard to go wrong with freebies, coupons, and other tangible benefits for every click, social share, and new sign-up recommendation.Obviously, there’s plenty more to discuss with the team behind your favorite email marketing platform when it comes to spicing up your emails in a hurry. However, trying out a few of these tips and tactics can help get the ball rolling on this process and ensure that your content always rises above the rest when viewers check out their most recent messages. For virtually any brand that’s struggling with building interest via email marketing, this outlook is definitely a hard one to pass up.

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