The Top 4 Email Marketing Tools You Can’t Live Without

by Victor Green
3 mins read

Like an artist and his canvas, paints, and brushes, you also need the right tools to effectively craft your take on art in the inbox. Unfortunately, if you’re not already an established expert, trying to sift through the countless email marketing tools and apps on the web can feel like an overly complicated or seemingly impossible task. In an effort to help keep this overwhelmed feeling at bay – and ensure that you get the most out of your inbox outreach – here’s a look at the top four email marketing tools you simply can’t live without.

The Hemingway App

First up on the list is the Hemingway App. Like the author that serves as the namesake of this tool, the Hemingway App is all about taking your writing style and email body content to the next level of readability. Instead of relying upon lackadaisical or needlessly ambiguous writing, this app offers up a review that distills your message copy into a shorter, bolder, and clearer offering.To use the Hemingway App, start by simply pasting your text into the browser reader (or download the app and do the same on your desktop.) From here, you’ll need to leverage the power of the following color-coded legend to optimize and refine your email content:

  • Yellow – Pinpoints long, complex sentences and common errors.
  • Red – Highlights dense or confusing sentences that are hard to read for your viewers.
  • Purple – Consider utilizing a shorter word in place of this selection. (Mousing over the chosen word provides alternatives.)
  • Blue – Targets adverbs so that you can remove these inclusions and insert verbs with force instead.
  • Green – If you see green in your text, this means that passive voice is currently weakening the sentence in question.

Learning the ins and outs of the Hemingway App does take time and effort – that’s probably pretty obvious from this breakdown. However, once you’ve mastered this free tool, there’s no reason why you should ever send out second rate message copy to your audience again.

Sender Score

Ever wonder how strong your reputation actually is in the inbox? Sender Score has the answer to this – and many other – questions. Designed as a way to calculate the trustworthiness of an email sender’s IP address (in this case those addresses tethered to your brand), Sender Score reviews the various factors that go into the email filtering process.It is important to note that your score is just one of many data points that provide an indication of your deliverability and inbox potential. Even with this realization in place, there’s no denying that adding this metric into your optimization process can help you test the effectiveness of changes to your overarching inbox strategy.


Massive or bulky images are the bane of email load times and lead to plenty of frustration from increasingly impatient inbox audiences. With the help of TinyPNG, your brand can mitigate the harm done by data heavy images, all while enjoying the benefits that come from a visually rich viewing experience.The idea behind TinyPNG is both simple and effective. This tool compresses and reduces the file size of your PNG and JPEG images, while still maintaining the crispness and quality of these graphics. In other words, using TinyPNG can give you some wiggle room with the size of your marketed message, all without hampering the impact and viewability of these visual assets.

Google Analytics URL Builder

If you’re an email marketer or brand manager who is a fan of the power of data, then the Google Analytics URL Builder is right up your alley in terms of functionality and effectiveness. Essentially, this tool lets you tag URLs with custom campaign variables, which in turn gives you the ability to track promotions and find out which emails associated with these URLs are actually generating the greatest amount of conversions and raw traffic.The best part about the Google Analytics URL Builder? The capabilities of this tool translate seamlessly to the rest of your digital outreach operations. This means that you can also measure the effectiveness of your social posts, blog articles, and virtually anything else that allows for URL tracking.At the end of the day, the potential held within these four exceptionally powerful tools doesn’t just come to fruition overnight. You’ll need to put in the time and effort required to get the most out of these assets as you craft and refine your email marketing process. However, if you’re able to successfully embody this strategy, then it won’t be long before you have the metrics and insight needed from the tools covered here to truly build a lasting bond with your target audience.

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