Mobile Coupons Can Help Bring Interest to New Products and Reintroduce Old Items

by Victor Green
3 mins read

Mobile coupons are expected to rise exponentially in use through the rest of the decade as part of the growing evolution of mobile marketing. In fact, those using mobile coupons are expected to reach over 53 million by 2014, according to Inside Mobile Apps. That’s why it’s worth the while of any business’s marketing plan to include mobile coupons with a text message marketing strategy. The use of mobile coupons probably won’t change either, despite recent legal overhauls by the FCC regarding marketing by text message.In the case of your own business, those coupons can be used in ways that help your inventory sell much faster. Take a look at some mobile coupon uses that can get the word out about one of your new products, plus the same for an older product you need to reinvigorate.

Coupons for a New Product

You might be a small business that doesn’t have a budget to use the old method of providing free samples during a product introduction. The next best thing is to send people a mobile coupon they can use as a discount on your existing inventory. It’s a good compromise in saving money while allowing people to try your product without paying full price.Using a mobile coupon also allows them to redeem it instantly, which seems to be more attractive to consumers. In the above stats from Inside Mobile Apps, only 1% of all paper coupons ever get redeemed compared to 10% for mobile coupons. Using this mobile method, you’ll be able to move those new products off your shelf faster, get the word out quicker, plus still make some profit.

Using Mobile Coupons to Reinvigorate Old Products

There might be an old product you wished did better last year and had a miss due to lack of a good marketing campaign. If you’re just now getting into mobile coupons, you can persuade customers to come in and get a discount on that old product. It’s a perfect way to reintroduce a product that you knew had potential. Because mobile marketing means quicker share times, word can spread just as fast in texts among consumers.Even better, mobile coupons usually have to be redeemed inside a brick and mortar store, which means you can increase business to your physical location. When you have extra inventory around and want to get it out of your store, using mobile coupons can help you accomplish this. Using mobile coupons may end up bringing more people back into brick and mortar stores after years of online shopping becoming the norm.If you want to create a mobile coupon marketing campaign, we can help you here at Elite Email. With 10 years of experience, we’ve seen the complete evolution of mobile marketing to a point where we know what works. For those new to the world of mobile, we’re experienced in making your marketing plan easy to understand so you’ll know what you’re doing while enjoying many returns on investment.

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