Developing an Opt-In Mailing List: Where Should You Promote it on Your Site?

by Victor Green
3 mins read

Creating an opt-in mailing list can sometimes be a challenge if you have trouble coming up with a compelling reason why a consumer should join your email list. It can also be challenging in a time when people consider excessive emails from retailers to be a form of spam. Regardless, when you have a business with products you know will be in high demand, you need to capture as many customers as you can so you can market to them in an email. The only way to capture those people is to not hide the ability to opt in.

Finding the Right Locations to Display an Opt-In Form

You have to find the proper places to place an opt-in form so it gets the most attention. In general, any place where your customers visit the most should have the opt-in form prominently displayed. It can be in places as obscure as a guest book or even online invoices or surveys. Your most prominent place should be on your main website. But where should you place it on that site as well as all the other locations?

Placing an Opt-In Box on a Page

For a company website, an opt-in form should be on the main page and at the top quadrant where it can be prominently seen. While you don’t want it to be a focal point to your overall design, having it in a logical spot that’s not hard to miss will lessen any chance of confusion. With customizable features, you can have it stand out with your own style in mind so there isn’t any distraction.It might be a good idea to move the opt-in form below any animation or graphics that are the main focus. That way, a visitor can take in the animations and your key business message, then scroll down to sign up for your email list after a call to action.

Providing an Incentive to Sign Up

When you find the proper placement of your opt-in form, you should surround it with information that provides an incentive for signing up. While you could go just by the compelling nature of your product, most consumers will want something more. Providing contests or free samples of a product can bring a stronger pull for someone to place their name on your list.Another thing to think about is the transparency in how you’ll use their email list. Consumers will appreciate it when you tell them that your email will stay private, or if you’re honest about using it in other ways. Being open about these things will prevent a consumer from having any trepidation about freely giving away their email to a new business.Elite Email is there to help you through the design and implementation of your sign-up form. With 10 years of proven experience in email marketing, we continue to provide more insight and advice than most other marketing agencies give you.

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