The Right Way to Reach the Right Consumers

by Victor Green
3 mins read

There’s no black-and-white determining factors in regards to the ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ way to go about email marketing. This field is filled with nuance, and a successful campaign strategy can only be fully discovered through experience. That said, there are a number of tried-and-true tactics out there that most successful email marketers have adopted, and they all center on reaching the right consumers for your brand, and doing so in the right way.

Strategic Subject Lines

A marketer only has a few seconds to catch their reader’s eye. Marketers need to treat all of those seconds preciously, especially when it comes to the subject line. The title of an email will more often than not determine whether a consumer actually opens the message. “With users scrolling quickly through emails on mobile devices, it’s more important than ever that your subject lines stand out. There are several different directions for you to go, but it’s best to establish your own style,” writes Entrepreneur contributor John Boitnott. “Many marketers find that an email is most likely to connect with customers if it directly addresses their own interests. Whether this is a coupon or newsy wording depends on what your analytics uncover about your own customer base and when they most likely will open your emails.”

Split Testing

If a campaign isn’t working out as well as you’d hoped, split testing is a good way to find out why. According to Boitnott: “Through A/B testing, you’ll be able to learn specifics on the techniques that work and don’t work. You can use this popular marketing technique to experiment with different types of subject lines or sending during different times of the day, among other items.”

Be Respectful

While widespread, liberal reach may lead to a greater conversion, a marketer’s time is better spent trying to influence consumers their brand caters to specifically. As a rule, marketers must respect their subscribers’ time by being mindful about how many emails they’re sending, and who exactly is receiving them. “Once you start collecting email addresses, it’s important that you handle those addresses responsibly. Try to limit the number of emails you blast to your email lists and always include opt out information at the bottom of your emails,” offers Boitnott. “This will help ensure your emails are (at least mostly) going out to those who will read it, rather than a list filled with people who hit the “trash” icon when they see it coming through.”

Segment your market

A general outreach method will produce lukewarm returns, while strategic, segmented marketing can lead to significant gains. Boitnott writes: “One blanket email to everyone on your contact list is no longer sufficient. Your email connects with each contact in a different way and your marketing efforts should take advantage of that.

Time Emails Mindfully

Once you’ve found the right consumers to reach, it’s important to determine the perfect time to contact them. “A study from Experian Marketing Services found that the best open rates for email are between the hours of 8 pm and midnight,” says Boitnott. “Weekends also have a high open rate and the lowest email volume. By adjusting the timing of your emails, you may be able to reach customers who might have otherwise skimmed past your email altogether.”

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