Is Your Social Media Presence Taking Advantage of the Holiday Season?

by Victor Green
3 mins read

“Americans spent $3 billion shopping online on Thanksgiving and Black Friday”We can only imagine what that number will be after the official online version of Black Friday, Cyber Monday ends.  Year after year, e-commerce has shown significant and consistent growth.  Mobile purchases alone increased a staggering 118% since 2012 and show all signs of positive growth going into 2014.

What are you doing to take advantage of this?

If you haven’t believed in the power of the mobile buyer, now is the time to believe.  Tablets (especially the IPad) dominated sales at most big box retailers over the Black Friday weekend.  Couple that with the steadily declining sales of desktop computers and you have a buyer base that is essentially priming themselves for mobile purchasing.  Are you using your social media presence to take advantage of this shift in the consumer market?

I’ve missed Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  What can I do to make up for those days?

The great thing about having a mobile consumer market is that you have the capability, with their permission, to reach them literally any time and any place.  The challenge for you will be how to leverage that in the most beneficial way for your company.One way to take advantage of the limited time before Christmas is to offer time sensitive coupons.  Adding urgency to an already urgent holiday buying season will help drive your customer to buy.  And with the finish line in three weeks and many presents to gather, discounts have never looked more attractive.Free shipping with a minimum purchase will encourage people to buy more gifts from your business, instead of through multiple other retailers.Jet Blue has become famous in the social media marketing world for the way they leverage their Twitter presence.  Anybody that has a problem, request or confusion can tweet Jet Blue and a representative will respond to them personally to resolve the situation.  What if you were to personally tweet your most loyal Twitter followers with special individual coupons?  Or tweet discounts to anybody that takes pictures of your brand via Instagram?  All customers want to feel special and social media is a great opportunity to publicly make them feel so.The holiday season is the largest revenue period of every retailer’s business year.  Leveraging this properly can be the difference between having a good year to having a fantastic year.

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