Is Email Marketing Really Too Complicated?

by Victor Green
3 mins read

Sometimes, technology and potential have a way of converging at places that create confusing and unintuitive points of interaction. These moments or events usually boil down to a lack of understanding and transparency in the process, as well as an inability to properly assess the situation. While there’s no denying this scenario holds true for many industries, is it safe to say that email marketing is really at this point?According to some leading voices from around the Internet, the answer to this question unfortunately falls at “yes” on the spectrum of possible outcomes. To find out if there’s any truth to this claim – as well as help break down the walls of complexity that may be inhibiting the growth of your brand in the inbox – let’s find out if the world of email marketing really is too complicated for new and established members alike.

Delving into the Complexity Concerns

As Venture Beat’s Jon Cifuentes points out, the core theory behind this argument revolves around the notion that the current email marketing landscape is simply too bloated with divergent options and paths. The worst part in all of this discussion? Brands like your own can’t just distill these complexity issues to one segment of the process; it’s purportedly an endemic issue that spans the entire industry.From the abundance of email agencies you can align yourself with during the process, to the mountains of digital data and platforms utilized by modern brands, there’s simply too much to consider as you tip your hat into the inbox fray. Adding in the numerous metrics and methods of gauging your impact further obfuscates an already murky picture according to this side of the conversation.

Is This Really the Case?

Naturally, there’s plenty of people reading this and assuming that the concerns set forth by Cifuentes are merely overblown claims or exaggerated examples of an otherwise fairly straightforward process. After all, how hard can it really be to run an email marketing campaign and generate results on a regular basis, right?The reality of the situation is probably somewhere between these two viewpoints. On one hand, email marketing can be a complex and challenging endeavor that falls flat with audience members if you’re not careful and thoughtful in your approach. However, this doesn’t stop plenty of brands from overcoming the hurdles that stand in the way of this system, thereby tapping into the seemingly endless potential and returns held within the most vibrant and impactful digital platform on the web.

Comparing and Contrasting Your Brand’s Potential Outlooks

With this clearly defined understanding of the current world of inbox initiatives guiding the way, the next logical question to answer focuses on whether or not taking on the effort and commitment that comes with such a campaign is really worth all of the hard work. According to Len Shneyer of Tech Crunch, email marketing isn’t just a good idea that’s well worth your time and resources, it’s the most solid investment your brand can include in its outreach portfolio.Email marketing has so many options, tools, and services for one very important reason – it’s the best way to connect with current and potential customers. Yes, social media networking is fine and standard snail mail is okay if you’re dead set on living in the past, but there’s simply no other option out there that compares to what email marketing brings to the table.

Building a Plan That Works for Your Brand

Outside of being the most efficient and effective way on building a relationship with the people on the other side of the screen, David Refaeli of PC Magazine points out a major flaw within the discussion of complexity that could change your entire outlook on the process in the first place. Essentially, there’s no rule that says you have to conduct an email marketing campaign all on your own.By connecting with a trusted team of industry experts and service providers, Refaeli explains that tripping up on all the minute concerns and issues doesn’t have to be a part of your experience. Instead, you can move forward with confidence and clarity of purpose, knowing that whatever path, customized campaign features, and marketing tools you choose for your brand will have the support and guidance of a team who’s been around the block a time or two. Simply put, regardless of what audience you’re trying to strike up a conversation with in the inbox, having this kind of plan lead the way is something that’s part of the recipe for email marketing success.

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