How to Improve Your Website’s Conversion Rate

by Burke Dorman
3 mins read
Increasing website conversion rate

Running a successful business or brand online not only requires the ability to deliver high-quality products, but also to drive people to complete a desired action on your website. Your website’s conversion rate is determined by the number of leads or sales your website generates based on the number of overall visitors on your website. Knowing how to improve the conversion rate of your website can result in a drastic spike in sales and ultimately, revenue.

Create Ads That Match Your Landing Page

A first step in increasing your website’s overall conversion rate is ensuring your ads correspond with your landing page. Through the process of post-click optimization, make sure your landing page is highly relevant and optimized in a way that matches your ad’s message. By directing a user from an ad to a fitting landing page, you increase the chance of turning the click into an actual conversion.

Also ensuring your ads match your official website and landing page’s aesthetic is imperative to securing conversions. Having a clear brand image and tone should not only apply to the features of your website, but to your ads as well. This builds trust with prospective customers and establishes continuity with loyal customers.

Having amazing visuals and high-quality content is incredibly important, but streamlining a user’s journey to their sought after content is what leads to the conversion.

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Use the Right Tone and Voice

Choosing a voice to represent your business and brand is one of the most important decisions you will make as a business. If a company’s voice sounds too corporate and robotic, it may not appeal to a crowd who is interested in connecting and resonating with the brands and businesses they support. However, if your company’s business is too relaxed or casual, you may miss out on appealing to an older, traditional, more professional crowd of potential customers.

Before you begin curating content for company’s website, consider the audience you intend to reach as well as the specific demographics you need to keep in mind when promoting your business. Selecting the right voice for any business or brand can make or break your success. Choosing a voice wisely is essential to prevent slow growth or the disinterest in users who may have otherwise made a purchase from you or share information about your business and brand to others.

Choose Eye-Catching Headlines

Whether you are creating a new page for your website, a blog, or even a newsletter to send to current subscribers, it is important to choose eye-catching and memorable headlines each time. Using eye-catching headlines can help your website to stand out from your competitor’s ad other online blogs or communities that are similar to your own. Whenever you are developing new content or blogs for your website, take the time to consider what type of headline is likely best for your audience and why. Before you begin crafting new blogs or content, ask yourself the following questions to find a headline that is right for you:

  • Who am I targeting with my blog or the type of content I am creating? What age range, gender, and location am I interested in reaching with the type of blogs or content I am sharing with my website, social media, blog, or email newsletter?
  • How will I appeal to my visitors and prospective customers with the type of headline I have chosen?
  • Am I trying to evoke a particular emotion with my headlines for blogs and content?
  • Do I wish to garner followers, subscribers, or customers from the headline I am creating? If so, how does my chosen headline help to achieve the goals I have outlined for myself?
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Implement a Remarketing Strategy

Implementing a remarketing and retargeting strategy is always advisable for anyone who owns a business or has a brand to promote and share. Remarketing strategies can be developed once you have a basic understanding of your audience of online visitors and prospective customers. Once you know what it is your audience is looking for and what type of content they respond best to, it is much easier to develop a working marketing strategy with an increased ROI, or return on investment.

Remarketing strategies can come in handy when attempting to reach out to current social media followers, newsletter subscribers, or even users who have visited your website in the past. Use remarketing strategies to appeal to a user’s wants and needs based on the past behavior they exhibited when on your website last.

The Importance of A/B Testing

A/B testing is extremely important whether you are promoting yourself as an independent contractor, your products, or even services you and your employees provide. A/B testing is the act of testing multiple pieces of digital content, ads, or imagery to a specific group of individuals or target audience to determine the best course of action for future marketing campaigns and strategies.

Using A/B testing is highly advisable with your website’s headers, content pages, blog titles, and even specific advertisements or promotions you have launched online. Using A/B testing is a way for you to gain valuable insight into which type of imagery, graphics, message, copy, and overall aesthetic works best to appeal to the users you intend to reach.

With a proper A/B marketing strategy in place, reduce your risk of losing out on your marketing investment while eliminating your chance of overspending on ads that do not deliver intended results. A/B testing can help you to better understand the best ways to communicate with your audience without diminishing your ability to generate sales and garner new leads.

Always Use a Strong CTA

Using a strong CTA, or call-to-action is the key for most businesses and brands trying to remain successful. Without a strong call-to-action, you may lose the interest of your prospective customer altogether. A strong CTA should not only resonate with your potential customer, but it should also motivated and incentivize them to learn more about your company and to finalize and complete their own purchase.

Choosing the right CTA rarely happens on the first try, which is why A/B testing, as well as plenty of real-time monitoring and tracking, is so important. Without the ability to track the overall traffic of your website, blog, and social media pages, you will not gain a deeper and more intimate understanding of your website’s visitors and those who have a genuine interest in learning more about your business or making a purchase from you.

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When you have a deeper understanding of a website’s overall conversion rate, you can begin implementing and tweaking content and marketing plans you have in mind for your site itself. With a few tweaks and bit of research, learn how to quickly improve your website’s conversion rate in just about any market or industry, regardless of your surrounding competition.

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