5 Tips For Creating Instagram Ads That Convert

by Burke Dorman
3 mins read
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If you’re not running Instagram ads yet, you’re missing out on a huge chunk of the market. If you are running Instagram ads in your feed and stories, it’s important to make sure that you’re creating content that leads to conversions.

The good news is that, if you’re struggling to create the perfect ad content, you still have time. There are a number of brands out there that haven’t even hopped onto the Instagram bandwagon yet, and this means that you can still get an edge on your competitors.

Instagram is also one of the only social media platforms left that has yet to become oversaturated with advertisements, which is great news for brands that are poised to launch the right kind of ad campaign for the Instagram user base.

To really take your Instagram advertising strategy to the next level, try out the five tips listed below. You’ll be able to watch your sales numbers skyrocket in no time.

Make your videos short and sweet.

The goal of video ads is to make users pause in their scrolling long enough to get hooked by your content. Remember that the majority of users have an extremely short attention span when it comes to videos, so it’s crucial to keep things short and sweet.

If your video ad is in your stories, be sure to keep the content within the 15-second window of time that native content follows so that it comes across as more organic.

Start your videos with the most relevant information, and be sure to use eye-catching images. Snappy sound bites aren’t enough for Instagram ads. Most users won’t stop long enough to turn up the audio on your content, so you have to first capture their interest visually.

Scoriaworld video ad

Stay true to your brand.

If you look at the most popular feeds on Instagram, you will likely notice that there are a handful of trends that many of the most successful accounts are following. These trends can include color schemes, composition or caption structure.

It can be tempting to try to emulate the aspects of these other ads that seem to be generating a considerable amount of attention, but the truth is that this kind of short-term thinking can ultimately harm your ability to create quality content.

All of your ads should have a strong visual and structural relationship to your company’s landing page, which should be linked in your bio as well as in your ads. This sense of continuity has two advantages.

First, ads that follow your brand’s aesthetic and color scheme will attract customers who are more likely to buy from you. Remember that your look is an integral part of your brand voice, and straying too far from that for the sake of broader appeal will almost always hurt your “brand personality” in the long run.

Second, when users tap from your ad directly to your landing page, their mental space is already primed to be interested in purchasing your product. If your landing page is starkly different from your Instagram ad, it can act as a visual cue that will jar them out of that mental space and make them swipe away from your shop.

Herbivore Botanicals Instagram feed with brand aesthetic

Always make shoppable ads.

One of the simplest ways to dramatically boost your conversion numbers is to ensure that every ad is easily shoppable. Social media users do not want to have to take the extra time to tap on your account handle, tap on the link in your bio and then scroll around to find the product or service that was advertised to them.

Instead, be sure to tag every product in an image with a link that takes users directly to the corresponding product page in your store. Additionally, every static ad should include a “shop now” banner at the bottom of the image, and every Instagram stories ad should have a swipe up link.

Small details like adding image tags and tappable banners can offer huge benefits to a brand’s bottom line, so leaving them out is akin to leaving money on the table.

Ikea Canada shoppable ad

Don’t be afraid to leverage the power of influencers.

Regardless of what your brand is selling, there are Instagram influencers who can help you to extend your reach. There is a never-ending list of social media users who craft their accounts around collaborating with brands in order to boost their growth and exposure.

These influencers are typically well-versed in how to work the Instagram system for maximum benefit. They have an excellent handle on how to use popular hashtags, format content and provide value to your brand.

In addition, partnering with influencers who align with your brand message gives your company a level of engagement and trustworthiness that nothing else can. Social media users are extremely loyal to the influencers that they identify with, and having the “seal of approval” from the right influencer can translate to a huge uptick in popularity and conversions for you.

Keep your visuals authentic.

Instagram is unique in that it is an entirely visual platform. This means that users can spot stock images and traditional ad composition immediately, and it tends to be very off-putting for them.

Because your target audience will have such a keen sense of when they are being marketed to, it is especially important that any advertisements keep an authentic and appealing aesthetic.

Ads that use hokey visuals, overly polished stock images or out-of-touch text will be immediately skipped over even if that person would otherwise be predisposed to buy from your brand.

Remember this: If it feels like a commercial, users will almost always swipe away.

The most successful ads are the ones that combine native-looking visuals with easy-to-shop tags and a casual tone. The more that your advertising content can blend in with the look and feel of posts from individual users, the more appealing your brand will become to your audience.

Aim for advertisements that feel personable, natural and “unpolished” in order to get the most engagement from your target demographic.

Authentic Instagram post by Glossier of two women on a video call wearing Glossier products

Take the Time To Find Your Groove

When it comes down to it, creating successful Instagram ad content is not nearly as complicated as it might seem.

Remember that Instagram still has plenty of room for growth, so investing the time and effort into growing your business profile with the right kind of advertising can not only give you a short-term spike in popularity, but it can also set your brand up for long-term increases in revenue and reach as well.

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